Hacking Microsoft Office Outlook's Inbox for Email Addresses


Introduction: Hacking Microsoft Office Outlook's Inbox for Email Addresses

You probably have a ton of email addresses lurking in your Microsoft Office email mail box but you've not had an easy way to get them. I had this problem, so I figured out a way to easily extract all these email addresses from my Outlook inbox. Simply follow the steps below and then you'll have a ton of clean email addresses you can use.

Step 1: 6 Steps to Hack Microsoft Outlook's Inbox for Email Addresses

This method should work with all versions of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Download and install this free software at http://www.jgilmore.com/emaillistmanager/EmailListsetup.exe
  • Make sure Outlook is open and you are looking at the Inbox.
  • Press [Ctrl-A] to select all the messages. All the entries in your Inbox should be highlighted.
  • Select File:Save As "outlook.txt"
  • Run and switch to Drag&Drop E-mail List Manager.
  • Select File:Import "outlook.txt"

Step 2: Final Word on Hacking Microsoft Outlook's Inbox for Email Addresses

Now that you have a clean sorted list of email addresses you can use, and they're all yours!
At this point, the email addresses are in a simple text file, one email address per line. This can
be used by any email client program like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Expresss, Constant Contact, etc.



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    You can repair your MS Outlook PST files with free Outlook repair tool that will help you to repair MS Outlook PST free of cost. This is totally free utility for repairing MS Outlook PST, using this tool no need to spend any money.

    See more info at:- http://migrateemails.com/2016/06/28/repair-pst-file/

    It works very fine, and has saved me hours.. thanks so much!! Jonny

    sounds dodgy to me??very spamish!
    plus when i clicked the link i got this
    warning message

    1 reply

    That message simply means that your organization is "protecting" you from useful information...

    The procedure there is an excellent summary of a useful technique.

    RTM: Extract contacts from Outlook can be helpful for backing up addresses or if you want to port your contacts to another tool. MS already provides for you here, steps nicely outlined in this link http://www.online-tech-tips.com/ms-office-tips/export-outlook-contacts/.

    Don't trust 3rd party exe to do a simple job for you. Besides it is always better to understand how something works so you can "tweak" it later on.

    It is bad practice to download any executables from unknown sources, as there is the possibility of totally hidden malware or spyware (as some of the previous comments have implied). If the inbox or any other mailbox hasn't been previously totally cleaned of spam sources, all those spammers (or spoofed victims' addresses) would be included in the extraction.

    For a totally safe and elucidating method of extracting Outlook or Outlook Express addresses, simply download Thunderbird email client from
    http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/, (also to enjoy a better-featured and more secure email client), install TBIRD, then import the WAB -format address book from Outlook or its variations into Tbird's addres book. Then you have the option of exporting the same address book to any of these formats: LDIF, LDI, CSV, TAB, or TXT.
    If you decide not to keep Thunderbird, it comes with an uninstaller.

    1 reply

    well I have good virus protection software that'll automatically delete any infected stuff I download (it's called McAfee)

    I would call this 'extraction' rather than 'hacking'. Again, the question "what use is this?" should be asked. SPAM?

    1 reply

    you can use that fake shutdown virus on them. would be funny.

    This was usful for me because I sell a lot on eBay and other sites. I needed a way to get a clean list of email addresses easily so I could tell my previous customers about specials and other news they may want to know about.

    OK, so what are you planning to do with these email addresses? I note your example shows a load of messages specified as SPAM. The reason the software has marked these as spam is because they are spoofed email addresses or have been recognised as mass senders or contain obscene information.

    1 reply

    I agree with Jezza Bear. It's probably one of those "spam specialists" giving away his trick for free. BE WARNED !!