Hacking Pandemic 2





Introduction: Hacking Pandemic 2

Hacking Pandemic II with Cheat Engine 5.4

Step 1: Getting What We Need

Disclaimer-I am not responsible for anything that you do with this knowlege that is illegal and/or stupid. This is for educational purposes only. *wink wink*

We have to download CE 5.4 which we can acquire here.

That's about all we need...maybe a calculator if you want one; it's all simple addition though.

Step 2: Starting a Game

OK, now we have to play the game for a bit. Just start a game and pause it immediately. It doesn't really matter what kind of infection you choose...

Step 3: Hacking

Now we get to actually hack the game with CE (Cheat Engine for those of you who don't know)
1. Open up CE
2. Click the flashing computer Icon in the corner and select "firefox.exe"(See Picture)
3. Multiply your amount of Evolution Points by 8
4. Enter them in the Value bar
5. Press "First Scan"
6. Play a little longer until you get some more Evolution Points
7. Pause the game
8. Multiply your NEW amount of EP (Evolution points) by 8.
9. Enter that number into the value bar.
10. Press "Next Scan"
11. Double click the addresses in the left hand coulmn unless there are more than 3; if there are repeat steps 6-8.
12. Double click the addresses under "Value"
13. Change it.
14. If done correctly you should have a ton of EP; use them wisely though, watch your visibility.



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Mwuhahah! I've infected every country except Madagascar and Indonisia!

ive infected every single country even madagascar. try naming yur desease largepox

not madagascar. my bad

that's nothing, i can do that without cheats

How about Swine flu? lol

already did that

If there ever is a pandemic, I'm moving to Madagascar.

Yea really! But the question is, are they gonna let you in?

Haha; You gotta stay invisible and infect all the country's. Then once every country is infected you buy all of the upgrades.