Hacking School or Library & Public Computers to SURF to ANY Website

Picture of Hacking School or Library & Public Computers to SURF to ANY Website
Wow this was old school.

Update May 2012-

I would have a bootable USB stick and run a pocket LINUX version today. Or if USB Boot is disabled in the BIOS then the Phone tether method also works with USB or wirelessly. Then you have no filters, blocks or issues. You can install anything and run it to access the network.

Now that everyone has phones with internet service is no big deal to get to your mail and webpage anymore.
It is cheaper to use WiFi calling or surfing than 3G or 4G services, so look for open or public WiFi and use your phone connected and preferenced to WiFi at home, work or mall etc.

Stuck at school? Setup your phone to VNC or RDC "remote" into your computer at home. Then just control from anywhere.

Grounded, cut off....awwww. Even game consoles can run LINUX. If you have anything with a CPU someone has unlocked it. 


At school, in a library or mall and have access to a PC but cannot "surf" to any thing but their one site or a "filtered" subset of the internet?

Is Youtube blocked?

Is iTunes, Bittorrents or other sites blocked?

Can you not download or installed software?

Ok...we'll try to help you dorks out.

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Step 1: Overview

Picture of Overview
Many types of 'blocks' are placed on schools and publics computers...however they have limited funds and can also be open to social engineering....

They have to block ALL exploits and all access to command line, process startup/control and keyboards, admin roles, powerusers or even USB ports and BIOS firmware!

if ANY of these are exploitable then we have means to attempt to access any system's internet access....or a cooler idea is to enable a PC's "ICS" Internet Connection Sharing, or peer-to-peer wireless 802.3 even Bluetooth and use your Bluetooth or WiFi phone, pda or itouch to then surf 'unobstructed' ! hehe

I'll provide follow-up steps for EACH below as time permits.

1) Simple browser filter or cheap software like netnanny etc.

We exploit this with a proxy or web redirector and kill -f process name or id

2) Advanced Network filter and site blocking

Many proxy or redirector will bypass these as well, where they do not we also use advanced proxy services like the Vidalia bundle , TOR, Prioxy & Vidalia

3) Keyboard disabled or missing

OH soooooo easy, Microsoft allows for "disabled" users with an on-screen keyboard! duh

4) Kiosk Mode IE

OMG even easier! ALT+f4 logs off IE and then start whatever you want as above or see below....

5) Starting and stopping processes, killing or modifying msconfig etc

helpful for custom downloads or setup of exploits above

6) Basket / Corner cases

tough nut? Post your isseus

You need to research the environment, use human engineering develop specific exploits and then go get 'em...

Step 2: Cheap Filters or Software

Picture of Cheap Filters or Software
proxy check.jpg
Easiest to exploit and to test.

Try to go to youtube or other "prohibited" sites and see what the message and source is of the "blocked" URL that is returned....what's the software? What's The message?

While we cannot address ALL the many permutations and software here, you can use Wikipedia and the vendors support pages for clues to get detail implementation information.


STEP 2.1

a) see if proxy or web redirectors are also blocked...try the url's below. Enter the prohibited site in the box on their webpage...<wink>

Google "free anonymizer" for more links

b) if it fails see if message differs for original, try a different anon site.

main pagemain page
proxy list [1]
proxy list [2]
proxy list [3]
proxy list [4]
proxy list [5]

If these ARE available then use them, be patient, the FREE sites are slow or busy the pay sites are often unreasonable but logins or access can also be hacked...that's ANOTHER instructable.


Step 3: Top Ten from the Home Office!

Top Ten methods to access banned websites

1. Use IP address - This is the simplest way to bypass domain name based access restrictions. Instead of the domain name such as use the direct IP address. To find the IP address use one of the free host to IP online conversion tools such as

2. Use Google cache - If you are not bothered whether the content is latest on a site, Google cache is best. Do a Google search for the site and then click on the cached link below the search results.

3. Use an Anonymizer - In this method you access a third party site which in turn routes your request to the required server. Some services provide URL encryption also. The problem is that most of these servers are no longer free. Do a google search for the latest list as this is a very dynamic area Following are some services which still works(free!),

Daily Best Links - Hides original URL and provides an array of access of options. The is one of the best free servers.
Anonymouse - This works, but URL is visible and hence may be blocked by the filtering software.

4. Use Online Translation Tools - In this method, we can use the translation service as a web proxy. Following are the best links I know of. Again Google is your best friend for more resources.

Altavista Babel fish - In the above replace with the site you want. You can also visit Babel fish site.
Google Translate - Similar to Babel fish.

5. Use Google Mobile search - Google mobile search works, but output may not be optimal. This is very similar to using a Web proxy.

6. Use a public Proxy server - There are many free proxy servers out in the Web. Note that in order to use these you have to change internet connection settings in Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use. This is one such list.

7. Get web pages via email - This is useful if you need a single Web page. Obviously accessing large files is not possible. Given below are some examples.

You can use SEND in the body of the message and send it to to retrieve home page.
You can also check out services at web2mail which includes web page subscriptions.
G.E Boyd has an extensive list of servers. Note that many in the list are no longer working.

9. Use Tor Distributed Proxy - Tor is an advanced proxy server using multiple anonymous servers for a single Web request. This requires an application to be downloaded and installed.

8. Your own proxy server - This is an advanced technique and is probably the best. This requires your own proxy server hosted either at your home or at a hosting service provider. You can enable SSL encryption and prevent any snooping on the content as well. Also put some access control, otherwise someone can find the service and misuse it (Trust me, there are many who are looking for such an opportunity!).

Use Apache Web server as proxy server - A bit complex setup.
Use Privoxy - - This is the recommended approach. Please see this page for more details.
Use PHPProxy as a Web Proxy - You can use PHPProxy to setup a Web proxy.

10. Use alternate content providers - When everything fails, you can use alternate service providers. For example if Gmail is blocked at your place, you can take another obscure mail address and enable email forward at Gmail.

Be careful when you are using public proxy servers. It is possible for the guy who is hosting the service to snoop on the data that is passing through. So I wouldn’t recommend putting any important information such credit card details when you are using public proxy server method.

update 1 (Nov 26) - Sharjeel has got an impressive list of 300+ web proxies.

update 2 (Dec 22) - Check out my latest how to on running your own windows Http proxy server.

update 3 (Feb 01) - Please see comments below for some good tips. Also some of the sites mentioned in the article are no longer working.

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erckgillis (author) 3 years ago
Ok, I recently re-read all these comments. The data is "mostly" ;) still true. What ever the reasons here in the US unlike the Chinese and Egyptians trying to block the Internet at home, work or school is not going to work for long.

The Internet is FULL of easy to follow well documented process and programs to find anything. Now most of us have 4G phones with tethering so you can use any computer to make or access your own network, Wi-Fi or high speed wireless.

It is a waste of money to filter, block and try to process ALL the network traffic sent thru even a medium sized school or businesses Internet traffic. They do this to protect themselves not to prevent you from access.

As always use this as a learning experience and be kind...

jrasel1 year ago

I have tried many ways, free and paid ways to open blocked websites, I think vpn works better than others, this is what I can recommend,try the service before you pay for it!

I ordered my account from the price is great. 1Months $3.3 , 3Months $7 and 12 Months $16

It has free test account and you can try the service for free.

It supports all protocols(PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), And you don't have to buy different accounts for different devices(use 1 account to connect on your computer and your mobile at the same time)

M Lee2 years ago
I used to use a PHPproxy I was working on a similar project I'm a PHP developer.

Anyway proxies are alright but not very consistent plus they would usually get blocked by pro-active eventually.

Iuse highspeedVPN I'm usually on the move for work and I find that it works perfectly when I'm abroad. Check it out
Ravix842 years ago
***Only tested for Apple products. Does not seem to work for everything else***
My school gives away macs to students in year 9+ and specialist programs. We use the same internet as the rest of the school. My friend and I discovered this while playing around with proxies. Just go to your wifi settings/ network preferences. For mac, click on WiFi, advanced, then proxies.Then, for HTTP and HTTPS set the server to and the port to 8080. For iOS software, go to WiFi, then click the blue/white arrow next to the connection name. Scroll down (I think) till you see proxies. Tap on manual. Put the same server name and port in.
I don't know if the server and port will be the same for every school, but for your sake I hope so. If anyone can get this working for anything that's not apple, please tell me so I can get it working on my phone.
P.S. It removes school blockades, but not government blocks, which means no Newgrounds.
hotchick8885 years ago
Yeah okay but how do i unblock the filter completey? i don't just want to unblock one site i wanna remove the whole thing.
erckgillis (author)  hotchick8885 years ago
You is blocked at the proxy or via a dedicated SPAM/Keyword filter appliance.

Use the Linux or a VM for a browser and a public redirector for bypassing blocked keyword content...
(removed by author or community request)
How do you know? Easiest way to stop client side blocking is find and disable whatever is doing it. But given there are hundreds of ways of doing both, will need to know more to actually help, lol
Gzushacks7 years ago
Yo erckgillis A buddy of mine wants to download counter strike on school computers but it wont let him because there is a certain amount of memory that you can upload on the computer. It works running counterstrike off a flash drive there is no way we can copy and paste the file onto the pc. Is there anyway we can get past this?
1. go to notepad 2. type 3. save as command.bat in my documents 4. open my documents ans open command.bat 5. once its open type ping 6. type the numbers it gives you on internet server i found out that this only works on a few websites though
Is there a way to get to command line if when you do that, it opens and says "command line has been disabled by admin"?
no if command line has been disabled, anything regarding .bat, or .cmd wont run.
nope dosent work at my school. even with teh pinged IP, the sites are still blocked. i used to use a program called Xerobank, but that eventually got blocked somehow, now i use Opera Tor, but its actually just a beefed up verson of Xerobank, so it dosent work either.
erckgillis (author)  Gzushacks7 years ago
Is it the size or more likely permissions... If it's too big try zipping the file then copying. Or use a free ftp program...or copy from a dos window with the copy or move commands. if it's permissions then you must get poweruser or admin rights to upload to the computer. If you have email access try to email it or store the file online like on Google file storage (10Gb) then download from the web and not a flash drive. E
yeah I just got busted for putting sony vegas 8 and jython on a school computer. apparently I saved it on the network and it kinda slowed things down, but I know my admin pretty well so I was OK. (lol he thought sony vegas 8 was a gambling game:)
lol, a gamling game!! Probably cuz the word "Vegas"
hahahaha, gambling game...
skindowg3 years ago
how do u get past schoolblocks on the net when all of the proxy sites ar eblocked? ive tried everything i have windows 7 so i cant do anything when it has a block
Setup a proxy at your house, connect through that.
jinkz4ie2 years ago
is there ways too get on facebook and check your mail even though the school as it block
erckgillis (author)  jinkz4ie2 years ago

What did you try? You typed it in, it didn't work and so you gave up?

Can you install and download software on the machine? If so you can do anything. If you lack Windows Admin or OS X root then you must use url redirectors or proxy servers.

The eaiest these days is a cell phone in teather mode. You can teather your 4G wireless to the PC via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi. Just setup phone teathering or download a App for your Mobile OS and then connect via USB or WiFi. Surf away.

If these are blocked then read steps above and find the opening. What CAN you do on that machine. I had a library PC that had no keyboard, browser was locked in Kiosk mode. No problem... there is a onscreen keyboard, I just killed the process and started IE.

darthbindy3 years ago
just to let you know, dork means wale-penis!
i know a better one but its to complicated for you guys
erckgillis (author)  the hellphantom3 years ago
Oh, goods caus' we'vs uh don't need none dat complicated stuff 'round 'bots har!
jedi_knight3 years ago
HAHAHAHA! these are all great ideas for normal schools until you come across my school... Lets just say i Mac computers are the most unfriendly devices to circumvent school security! These things are so locked down i cant even access basic things like the contact book and garbage band. Then once you get to the Internet on these computers you realize that all web traffic is being directed through a HTTP web server that is designed to scan through all incoming web traffic for suspicious content....
Check to see if port 22(SSH) is blocked then use your home sys as a proxy.
erckgillis (author)  jedi_knight3 years ago
Hummm, think you know eh? Not so much young Jedi...hehehe

You only see what is front of you! Not the possibilities! Open your mind. Feel the power of the farce!

Ok enough Yoda channeling. Guys you must adapt, improvise and overcome. So you have a Mac or PC or proxies, firewalls and DMZ etc. Please ever heard of hacking?

Two ways -

1. Social engineering. My fave, get a keylogger (usb or software) install it then break or lock your machine. Admin comes to fix, captures ID and password. And then do as you wish.

2. Reboot any Mac (They have Intel chips... you can even dual boot Windows!) or PC to a Linux build from your USB. Try the new Unbuntu it has all the drivers,USB loader and all!

Then add your new OS any proxy, IP redirect or use Admin to open ports or proxy. Heck run your own proxy on a VM and give the address to anyone to bypass defaults, plug a portable hotspot or thethered 4G phone into network and access from anywhere to allow unlimited Net access over wifi or LAN via your new VM proxy on Linux!

Go padwan and explore...

Master ERCK
fdelgado16 years ago
This is a little complex for me can you message me a way that is a little easier there blocking everything with lightspeed filtering.
erckgillis (author)  fdelgado16 years ago
yeah sure ... On the way noob!
an easier way to get the i.p adress is to open notepad and type @echo off go down a line, and type "ping www.whatever is the then! go down a line and type pause!! then save as whatever.bat!! when you open the batch file it should give you the I.P address, it will look like this \/ @echo off ping pause there you go!
What if the computer is a Mac Osx 9?????
(removed by author or community request)
GameNox Roby7183 years ago
But what if it blocks batch?
jj3502 ddodd5 years ago
my school blocks ip's
Tv1996 jj35025 years ago
Go to Run then type in cmd. type in: net user /add 9000 password log off sign in under 9000 and for the password put password change the domain to this computer log in and enjoy
jj3502 Tv19965 years ago
the school blocks run and cmd :(
toogers jj35025 years ago
at home, burn a cd with a .bat file on it (doesn't matter what it does- it could be blank even.) then, go to school, put cd in computer, and click on the .bat file you made at home. it should open the command prompt, to launch the script you   made. then, put in one of the above .bat scripts on this list, and waalaa.

What is you cannot access cmd.exe???
GameNox3 years ago
What about baracuda?
Ibanezfoo7 years ago
Well, good luck with your burger flipping jobs with no internet access when your HR department calls you in for violating company policy, or your school kicks you out for violating school policy. You kids should also realize, it doesn't matter what proxies or little tricks you use, the firewalls usually log all origination and destination traffic... so while you think you are slick using a proxy, the firewall still shows your local address connecting to the proxy (violation) and usually there are some pop ups or something that you didn't count on logged as well (violation). The filters we use appear to be easy to defeat.... until we print up a log and staple it to their pink slip and give it to them before security escorts them out of the building. The look on their faces is priceless. You all should really have a good look at your school / jobs internet policy. Some things will even land you in civil court or even jail.
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