this will teach you how to hack windows XP passwords, without using any software, or using more than 2 mins of your time!

Step 1: boot the computer into safe mode

when your starting up the computer, press F11, delete, or whatever the computers bios says to do to enter setup.


mr Ahmed <br>if you forget administrator password this is the best way is find the software is longer-password
there is also another way to do it without the command prompt this is cool lov learning this stuff
press the ctrl+alt+enter+2(del) button <br> <br>shows the login screen ,background color is black............... <br> <br>shows the user name $ password <br> <br>enter the user name is ADMINISTRATOR and hit the enter button ............ <br>open the new window <br> <br>just remove the password in control panel.................
im a normal user so how do i get the admin password without changing or losing it (i will die if i loss it)
The &quot;spare&quot; safe mode admin account is password locked, too...
If you dont know the admin. password,you dont get in,I bought a used dell with xp pro trieing to save money, and took it to geek squad and they couldnt get in,so I bought a new gateway with vista and the dell is a waste of 150.00 just sitting there.
have you tried reinstalling xp?
I would assume that Geek Squad tried,dont really know what they did though,I just know I cant get in.
I wouldn't trust Dork Squad to insert a piece of bread into a toaster without screwing it up. Go to ultimatebootcd.com and DL the free utility they have there. Using that you can easily erase any hard drive (provided the drive is in good working condition), then you can install a fresh copy of Windows without giving them $200 to do it for you.
&quot;I wouldn't trust Dork Squad to insert a piece of bread into a toaster without screwing it up.&quot; Those Are Words To Live By.
well if its a bios password you probably need to get a new bios chip or short it or something of that nature but if its just xp that has the password you can just reinstall xp and be good to go
Short it?
look up the MOBO online and look for the pin-outs...there'll be a jumper(more often than not) labled &quot;BIOS&nbsp;Reset&quot;. Shorting out that jumper switch will clear the BIOS and remove any password that comes up when you turn the computer on. This will NOT, however, remove any password for Windows(or any other OS), This is for the MOBOs Power-On password only...
theres a small chip that stores the BIOS password so with some chips you can short two pins and it resets the password but this is only if its a bios password a good way to tell is a bios password is before the windows xp loading screen
When the screen comes up,it ask for an admin.pass word,how would one tell,would it ask for a bois password,I mean wouldnt it say that on the screen as opposed to admin. password,I really dont know that much about theese things,but I hate seeing something that could be used going to waist.
well the bios is like before your computer even starts up its something put in place by the mother board but it kind of sounds like it isnt which means you should just reinstall xp
I Dont have a disk,Ill just have to cut my loses,though I guess Ill hang on to the Machine,I may find one someday at a yard sale or something.But thank you for the info,you sound like you could most likley have it going in minutes.
haha yes computers are about the one thing im good at I did a bit of searching and i found that you can just go through either dell or microsoft to buy just the disc ($10-20) or depending on where you live i might be able to send you my spare (my inspiron notebook was recently serviced under warranty and they sent me all new software discs even though it was a hardware issue....)
This is my email adress,chapman.james1@gmail.com we can talk through email,I hate to be a pain,but I have a couple more questions,if its o.k.
the guys behind the counter wont hack a computer brought in the door ,that would be unethical .I would offer to wipe the Hard drive and install ether fresh xp or save you 139$get tux on it ,as tux is easier to learn than xp or vista is
haven't u guyz hear of bittorrent or utorrent? u can just download xp sp 2 and the insallaion console has many options, including managing partitions and formating the one u want to install xp on. if u really want o get what u had on the hard disk, get the hard disk into anoher computer, but remeber to put the jumper(switch) in slave position so that the compuer won't run win from your hard disk. well I never heard of a password written in a chip's firmware, so, good luck ith that.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.majorgeeks.com/Active_Password_Changer_d4707.html">no u didnt</a> that will fix that dell with a flopppy.i promise just dont tell anyone where you found it .<br/>
Why Can't Anyone Say Where They Got It???
you should send it to me.. cant believe geek squad couldnt get in.... tisk tisk tisk amateurs.
I sold it to a guy for 175.00,so I made a profit plus its his headache now.
not really the guy probably just reformatted the computer you dont need a password to reformat it so technically you didnt need to buy a new computer
lmao geek squad sucks anyways they charge too much and they break stuff and blame it on spyware
Yeh,they sure wasnt what they made thierselves out to be in thier advertisments,Ill not go back to them thats for sure.
i know he should of just went to a real computer IT not geek squad
ill buy it from your for $20 just install ubuntu and everything is happy.
try finding a password recovery tool (I suggest <a rel="nofollow" href="http://sourceforge.net/">sourceforge</a> its all freeware) after that your set <br/>
1. backup the disc using another PC, 2. reinstall XP And you are ready to go. It's really not that complicated and if you don't care about the data on the disk just format it before installing.
hey dude ill take that computer of ur hands for any price under $200...just use fed exto mai l it 2 me.email me at fwjs28@verizon.net t/y
All I wanna do is try to break even,you can email me at chapman.james1@gmail.com if youre serious,but like I said I have no admin password,so it will be sold as is,computer_gui sent me info on how to try to hack it,but I dont know if I can do it.
ok i know about the cmd way of hacking through the admin ........&amp; also safe mode but wat if there was a twist..........for eg.......using net user after completing the command &amp; gives a error such as............SYSTEM ERROR 5 HAS OCCURRED......and the safe mode also wants the password for the admin then?<br><br>i have figure alot of ways of hacking but still can't find any way.<br><br>but there is 1 way &amp; that is downloading password recovery......the thing its has to be burned on a CD do u guys know off any portable software that cud work on USB's to hack the admin.......if do pliz send details or download link for the software....
I love it! I only have 1 problem: if I do it, my parents will catch me &amp; my life will be a living Hell. Here's what happened: my parents caught me whatching &quot;smut&quot;. So what Dad does is change the password &amp; didn't let Mom know so that I can only ask him. If I change the password or do ANYTHING, they will either whip me, erase my side, take ALL privileges away, forbid me from getting on the computer, &amp;/or worse! I CAN'T DO ANYTHING!!! Also, they use Net Nanny to block YouTube, Myspace, &amp; a ton of stuff! Even though I use Ultrasurf. But they still caught me bypassing Net Nanny. Also, before that &amp; during Net Nanny, my mom added another thing, Windows Live Family Safety!!!!!! Now I can't get on almost anything even without Net Nanny!!!! I can get on YouTube. But they are so strict, that they said that they installed a nanny cam &amp; even threatened to only letting me on specific websites!!!! They also installed Mobicip on my iPod!!!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!?!
If you have an extra USB drive or external hard drive you can go to http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ <br>and download macbuntu or ubuntu then use this program to load it onto the storage device. You can then boot from it and storre files on it's desktop that will stay withe hard drive. I'm pretty sure that your parents won't be able to find out. Good Luck. =)
Lol Ok start your xp comp in safe mode goto control panel (in the safe mode) and the click create new accont make sure you create a administrator acc and then set a password then safely shutdown the computer and start it up again if the net nanny is for only one user this will work. there will be your new user just enter your password u set and there we are to delete the acc you just have to go back into safe mode and then go into acc settings then delete ur acc ! :D have fun hope it works !!!! :)
CRAP!!! We have 3 users &amp; I only want to KNOW the password for my account. If I delete all, including admin, they would kill me. If I change the password, my dad would know &amp; it will not be pretty. But this looks like a good idea.
HoWLY GoD..................Ur AwSome!~

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