Step 2: Disable password!

once the computer is booted up in safe mode, go to -start -controlpannel -user accounts then select the administrator account, (it will say which one it is) and you should see a button to disable password, or create new password.

when thats done, shut the computer down, and use the same method to set the computer back to normal mode, and when you boot it up you will have either a new password you chose, or no password at all!!
im a normal user so how do i get the admin password without changing or losing it (i will die if i loss it)
ryuuken4 years ago
ok i know about the cmd way of hacking through the admin ........& also safe mode but wat if there was a twist..........for eg.......using net user after completing the command & gives a error such as............SYSTEM ERROR 5 HAS OCCURRED......and the safe mode also wants the password for the admin then?

i have figure alot of ways of hacking but still can't find any way.

but there is 1 way & that is downloading password recovery......the thing its has to be burned on a CD do u guys know off any portable software that cud work on USB's to hack the admin.......if do pliz send details or download link for the software....
Luvarian5 years ago
It's really easy people, just Go through safe mode, the password for the Admin account should be Administrator, Unless someone's gone and changed it. Then just go to control panel- user accounts- this is where it gets weird, if the account you want to change isn't an admin it won't show up so just create an new admin account then restart the comp and load up the new admin account and use that to remove the password off the account you got yourself locked out of.
this is so stupid this isn't hacking the password this is changing it -.-
Search Google for "Ophcrack". Or just go to http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/
spylock7 years ago
If you dont know the admin. password,you dont get in,I bought a used dell with xp pro trieing to save money, and took it to geek squad and they couldnt get in,so I bought a new gateway with vista and the dell is a waste of 150.00 just sitting there.
you should send it to me.. cant believe geek squad couldnt get in.... tisk tisk tisk amateurs.
I sold it to a guy for 175.00,so I made a profit plus its his headache now.
furcino spylock7 years ago
1. backup the disc using another PC, 2. reinstall XP And you are ready to go. It's really not that complicated and if you don't care about the data on the disk just format it before installing.
Lindodo7 years ago
Now this way works , its safe and easy all you might need is a boot system like a floppy disk If you are an Administrator user, and are logged into Windows right now because your PC is setup to log you in automatically, but have forgotten your password in fact, and would now like to change it — well, Windows requires you to know the old one. However, there is a brute force way to change your Administrator password. Open a Command prompt Or use safe mode Command prompt (START —> RUN —> then type “cmd” without the double quotes) and then type the following command: net user username newpassword Remember, if the username has spaces in it, then enclose it in double quotes, e.g., net user “Samuel Jackson” pulpypass This would change Samuel Jackson’s password to pulpypass provided Samuel Jackson was an Administrator user. now you exit and restart behold new password done
N. I. Momin7 years ago
Hi......... I am a new user. I have tried the above method. When I go in safe mode, there is 1 administrator account. It asks for password. And I cannot perform the other steps i.e. step 2. Please please help me.........
A good name7 years ago
I think this works on Vista too, since it has the same sort of system. I've never tried it though, I don't have a password since I'm the only one who uses my computer.
dandare7 years ago
gr8 i have managed b2 get in .... My 1st class was on changing passwords i hope i was quiet succesfull
deeksha7 years ago
please help me out to know the admin password(only that user is present please mail to deeksha197@gmail.com
yoyojaw7 years ago
There's no need to boot in to safe mode. At the "quick switch" screen just press "ctrl+alt+del" two times to switch to the classic Windows 2000 login prompt. You are assuming (safe assumption with most pre-setup machines) that the local administrator has no password. I'm a little confused though, how is this a hack? It sounds like you're just changing the password.
Note the Windows XP title not 2k :)
Sorry, I meant windows NT login prompt. Try it at the quick switch screen; ctrl+alt+del twice will switch your login gui.
Ah I misunderstood. Nonetheless I don't think that works - I am certain I've tried that exact thing in the past and Administrator account was only accessible from safe-mode. One might want to try it themselves to verify, it may also be something related to the version of XP (home, media, professional, ect.).
I'm pretty sure it does it on any version of XP. I have been using this trick for a few years now, and being a helpdesk technician, it's a life saver sometimes. next time you get a chance, try it out. CTRL + ALT + DEL two times ..... I never liked switching between users anyway.
what is quick switch
When microsoft came out with windows XP they introduced the "quick switch" screen to make user management easier and more user friendly. The quick switch screen is the blue screen with icons for users. When you click on a user it either logs you in (if that user doesn't have a password) or prompts you for that users password. It's called quick-switch, because for the first time in windows history, we were able to "switch" between users without logging out and closing our opened programs.
Syren067 years ago
What you also can do: run safe mode then go to run... or something then press: control userpasswords2 I think then you can change the password, delete,...
hacker1237 years ago
I tried this and it said: System error 5 Access Denied
outdy7 years ago
Yeah you could get into your brothers acount but he will know. This is an OLD hack from back in the day. You can also go to change password and just leave it ALL BLANK and hit change password and it will remove it. This only works if there's no admin password. I have a linux program to hack any password (no pc is save lol).
bobkoure7 years ago
This is with WinXP HOME - right? With WXP-home, the only way to login as administrator is through safe mode - so, yeah, it's unlikely that someone using home would have set their admin password. Come to think of it, there are probably lots of winXP-PRO boxes out there with the admin password unset. If you install the OS yourself, you're prompted for a new admin password, but there's way more pre0loaded copies (Dell, HP, whatever)
Popcornfilms (author)  bobkoure7 years ago
yes it was on home, and it was a preinstalled HP laptop too! good points, thanks
Heh, we cannot change passwords without knowing admin password.
Couldn't you completely disable the password using his method. Once the password is disabled you can go back into the account and create a new password without having to type in the previous one, considering there wasn't a password chronologically behind it.
Popcornfilms (author)  ainseliz277 years ago
yup! im sorry if this didnt work guys, but it worked perfectly for me when i did it. maybe the settings are different or something, but the computer was an admin, and i got in this way. maybe im confused... but i know i got past a password this way, and he was the only account on the computer. and im 99% he was admin.
It worked for me just fine too. I was able to disable the password on the admin's account. So, even if you don't know the admin password, you can disable it and go back to create a new one using these steps. That way you won't have to type in the old password.
orio7 years ago
Winblows Xtra Phat ..
picazorozco7 years ago
yeh but before you try to change it it will ask for the current password
Blaizen8 years ago
I KNOW A BETTA WAY! go into the control panel and CHANGE the password! no one can get in now except for you
safdar8 years ago
cool naw i can hack into my brothers account!!!!!!