Hacking a Brother 440CN Multi-function Printer




Introduction: Hacking a Brother 440CN Multi-function Printer

This type of printer guzzles ink. Ink guzzling printers are only friendly when you can afford its drinking habit at around $20 a cartridge (genuine). Which is why this Instructable will show you how to trick the sensors in the printer into thinking that there's a full catridge of ink when there really isn't!

Note: I learnt this trick from this forum. I am posting an Instructable for it to clarify the instructions with images. I do not take credit for discovering this hack at all.

Step 1:

Open up the lid and remove the three screws.

Step 2:

Remove the section where the screen and buttons are. This might be a bit tricky but a bit of force won't break it apart. However do take care not to completely rip this part off from the printer (because the small LCDs screen is attached).

Step 3:

Safely cut the 5th wire out of the total nine wires.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Replace the screws and covers. Turn on the printer without the cartridges. When you are ready to print place the catridges back in. Please note that the true ink levels cannot be seen due to this hack.



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