Picture of Hacking a SHZ-84 Soviet aviation helmet
Recently I bought a SHZ-84 helmet, only to find that its headphones didn't work... so I changed them.
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Step 1: Removing ear muffs

Picture of Removing ear muffs
3)old headphones
5)soldering iron
6)music player (my phone)
7)black tape
First you have to cut off the yellowish ear muff things. Do this very carefully by simply cutting the yellow muffs from the fur and rubber. Now you should see the speakers inside their rubber casing, just pop them out. Unscrew the red and green wire from the speaker-tablets and pull the wires from the helmet.

Step 2: The Hard part

Picture of The Hard part
Now that the Helmet is just a an empty shell of a padded hat, we can start inserting the headphones. you should get a pair of old headphones (the kind that cover your ears completely). Remove the speakers & the cord with the jack that goes into the music player.
The wire with the jack should not at this point be connected to the speakers. When you remove the wires from their respective places, you should take notice of where they should be. Thread the wires first through the provided black rubber tube. The red and green wires from the original speakers can be discarded, while the yellow and white wires should be left alone (this is purely cosmetic and optional). thread the wires through the holes designed for the old wires. This can be frustrating but don't give up.
When the wires are through to the rubber part of the helmet, its time to solder the small wires back to their respective places. When you finish soldering, you should check that the connections all work by turning on some music.

Step 3: The Last Mile

Picture of The Last Mile
Now you just have to glue the speakers to the rubber (I put some cotton into the ears behind the speakers to eliminate extra space) and glue the ear muffs to the fur. be careful to glue it back into its original place.

Step 4: The End

Picture of The End
The end result: a wonderful ski helmet!
discovery3 years ago
Can you tell me what brand is a nice knife on second picture?
Robc1556 years ago
wow perfect dude, looking to do something to a helmet like this, or to a motorcycle helmet since in florida you can't ride with in ear or over ear headphones just ones that are connected to the helmet. THANKS MAN AWESOME
mr_sulcus6 years ago
Brilliant! Just picked the exact same thing up in Berlin for this purpose. So far, taken the old speakers out (after not being able to hook them up). Just got to get a pair of new headphones to stick in. Did you have any trouble finding a pair that fitted? I'm planning on using a shorter wire and folding it upside the rear flap of the helmet where my ipod shuffle will fit. Can also make a long extension cord for when its in my pocket.
cubester8087 years ago
nice instructable, but who on earth owns a helmet like that
i do, sort of. mine is all fabric with padded ribs, more like a tanker helmet, but it was sold as a pilots, which is probably incorrect. (i'm partial to german militaria, but i won this one for $1 plus $7 shipping on ebay!) It took me 4 days to get the musty mildew odor out of it, now i'm going to fiddle with the innards. It also has 2 throat mics, and I'm hoping the brutal cleaning I gave it didnt destroy them.
densad does.
densad (author)  Full Frontal Graphic7 years ago
Thats right, i do :)
dooseyboy6 years ago
this would have been really cool if you kept the mic on it. also it would have been awesome as an xbox360 headset if everything was right. imagine playing halo 3 with that thing on!! :D
densad (author)  dooseyboy6 years ago
there originally was no mic. thats what the white nub on the end of the second wire is for. I'm going to add a mic eventually, I'm just kind of low on cash at the moment. playing halo 3 in this thing would be awesome if it weren't for 2 things: 1) your head would get hot. 2) I don't have xbox live:(
casey321b6 years ago
the head thats under the hat is creepy
ego waffle6 years ago
Sick hat!!
spiderham7 years ago
He's not kidding about the Moscow thing. They're a dime a dozen in Arbat. I got one with the face mask for about $40 US along with a bunch of other old Soviet military goodies on my last trip to see the "Non mail-order" in-laws. Leebryuk, I got a tank helmet too, similar, but made of green fabric.
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
spetzclay? nice, striaght from the motherland! so do you live in the motherland?
densad (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
yes i do... in moscow
Nice, i used to live in Belarus, your neighbor to the west, but then "lukashenka" became a dictator, and my grandpa was in the government, so we moved.
densad (author)  Sandisk1duo7 years ago
dude, thats awsome! my grandma's from Belarus
we're practically brothers!
leebryuk7 years ago
Are you sure that this isn't a tank helmet? In high school I wanted to buy a full American Helmet with the slidable visors and a comm/oyygen mask. Just to drive around in. Couldn't afford and this was well before the eBay days. It would of rocked. Sitting in a beater with a full combat helmet and comm/oxgen mask on. Now I just sit in a beater and drive around. But the youth of the world give me hope that one day the too will fullfill my fantasy of grounded aviators in their cars. Blue Sky!
densad (author)  leebryuk7 years ago
i am sure. i checked with my grandfather (he work at a tank factory while he was in the army) & his freind who was a paratrooper. ( 60's-70's). and yes that would really rock.
shaunak7 years ago
How cool is that!! I wish I could get my hands on one...
darkmuskrat7 years ago
In Soviet Russia, Helmet mods You!!!
jaysbob7 years ago
wow neato. probably much more comfortable than wearing a winter hat AND earphones at the same time.
duck-lemon7 years ago
nice this is a most excellent instructable!
Awesome job! This somehow reminds me of CameronSS.
Cool! Thats so awesome. I want one! Nice instructable!
densad (author)  joejoerowley7 years ago
If you're ever in Russia (Moscow), go to the old Arbat. they go for about $75
OMG! Years ago (15?), I bought a pair of headphones from a marketplace which sold odd stuff from old Soviet block. Exactly the same speakers with three little holes on them. Your pics took me back to my childhood memories... :-) Cool helmet. K.
Oh, by the way the sound quality was crappy. So I kept on using my Sony ones (just like the ones you installed in the helmet). :-) K.
densad (author)  thearchitect7 years ago
That is the main reason I changed the speakers (besides the lack of a proper jack)