Step 2: Bobinando (winding)

Picture of Bobinando (winding)
Pude meter solamente dos vueltas, y con cierta dificultad (usé jabón como lubricante). Según mis cálculos, cada vuelta suministra 0.89 volts aproximadamente. La idea es solamente hacer una prueba.

I could fit only two laps, and with some difficulty (I used soap as a lubricant). By my calculations, each lap provides approximately 0.89 volts. The idea is only to do a test.

msilveira4 years ago
How big is this transformer? Can you give us dimensions ?
rimar2000 (author)  msilveira4 years ago
The first photo at Intro give you an good idea of its size, comparing with my index finger. Now the welder is assembled, I can't dismantle it for take the measures.