Picture of Hacking an Arduino ISP Shield for AtTiny45 / AtTiny85

This is how to hack an Evil Mad Scientists Lab Arduino ISP Shield so that you can use the Arduino environment to program some nifty little microcontrollers.

The Arduino is a great little development environment for creating electronic projects http://www.arduino.cc/ but there are times when you just want the minimum possible pieces, and don't want the expense, or size, of a full Arduino plus breadboard/prototyping shield.

That's when you want to use a dinky microcontroller.

Fortunately AtMel (who make the AtMega inside the Arduino) also make a bunch of little ones called AtTiny. These range from 6 pin to 28 pin chips, and use almost the same instruction set as the big guys - they are part of the same AVR family.

My chip of choice for these kinds of projects is the ATtiny85

It has 8K of program memory, comes in a PDIP 8 pin package and has 5 (or 6) I/O pins. It also has 512 bytes of static RAM, and 512 bytes of EEPROM. It can run on two AA batteries (3 Volts, some version will go as low a 1.8V), and doesn't use much power.

For the technically inclined see http://www.atmel.com/dyn/resources/prod_documents/2586S.pdf for a summary of its capabilities.

rpotts21 year ago
thank you for finally replying. I was wondering about this, but had moved on to build8ng my own perfboard shield for my 85s
rpotts21 year ago
Doesn't routing those 3 wires on the right side take away the 328 program capability? I would think you wouldn't want to bridge those connections back into the chip.
rleyland (author)  rpotts21 year ago
Sorry for the delay - the atMega168/368 still work fine. The extra pins wired for the atTiny85 are not used when programming the bigger chips. Of course the wires are still there, the 168/328 just ignore them.
humxa1 year ago

does it still work for the atmega328/168/8 microcontroller??

rleyland (author)  humxa1 year ago

It works fine for the 128/168 also. The signals on the extra pins are simply ignored when programming.

rpotts21 year ago
This is so much simpler than what I came up with: http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyvikram/sets/72157635589697575/with/9740290024/
Wish I had googled it first... :-)