Hacking my RC Car using Arduino and Android Smart Phone

Picture of Hacking my RC Car using Arduino and Android Smart Phone

Have an old toy car? I hacked mine using Arduino and an H bridge circuit to control the motors, used my Sony Z1 Android phone to control it with the recent 1Sheeld I got from Kickstarter.

I thought to use the Gyroscope sensor in to drive it but after experimenting, I used the gravity sensor instead, will explain in details why later in step 5.

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Step 1: Required stuff

Picture of Required stuff
l298 h bridge.jpg
wire cutter.jpg

Required components:

1- Android smartphone / tablet ( x1)

2- Arduino uno ( x1) $26

3- 1Sheeld ( x1) $60

4-Cheap RC car ( x1) (you can get it from a toy store)

5- Connectors male female (x4) $5.45 per 40 set

6- H bridge ( x1) $9.51

7-- Mediabridge USB cable (x1) $7.99

8- Male Dc Plug (x1) $2

Required tools:

1- Screwdriver

2- Wire cutter

Step 2: Prepare RC car

Picture of Prepare RC car

Here, you can find the steps for dis-assembly of the RC car:

1- Remove the bottom base screw of the RC car.

2- Remove the upper part.

3- Cut the wires from the original car PCB.

4- Remove the motor casing.

5- Cut the motor wires (as they are too short in my case).

6- Solder new ones (cut the jumper from the female side to prepare the wire for soldering).

Step 3: Connect H bridge

Picture of Connect H bridge

1- Connect the H bridge board with the motors.

Connect the motors terminal in H bridge where every motor take two exit

Front motor

Ch 1 to yellow cable.

Ch 2 to orange cable.

Rear motor

Ch 3 to Purple cable.

Ch 4 to blue cable.

2- Connect the battery

Connect the positive pole of the car battery to the H bridge where indicated on board "red cable".

Connect the negative pole of the car battery to H bridge where indicated on board "black cable".

3- Connect the male power plugs

Red with red and black with black.

Step 4: Arduino,1Sheeld and H bridge

Picture of Arduino,1Sheeld and H bridge

1-Connect 1Sheeld on top of your Arduino board.

2-Connect the H bridge with 1Sheeld

Connect IN 1 in h bridge "yellow cable in picture " to pin 6 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 2 in h bridge "orange cable in picture" to pin 11 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 3 in h bridge "Purple cable in picture "to pin 9 in 1Sheeld.

Connect IN 4 in h bridge "blue cable in picture" to pin 10 in 1Sheeld.


Can I use original Arduino wifi shield for this application? Will mobile app still work?

Thank you

ukhan143 months ago

can i use Bluetooth module HC-06 etc instead of "Sheeld" ?

excuse me sir, i want to ask.. is it the same if i use a new one RC car?
and.. can u give me and diagrams for making this?

im sorry if i disturbing u and for my bad english too..

ahmicmahmoud (author)  jack.simplechild10 months ago

I dont understand what do you want,so please show me more details to help you

im sorry before, my english really really bad

i mean..
there u say u use an old car.. is it the same step if i use a new one RC?
then can u give me the diagrams for making this?

@jack.simplechild: Yes, you can use RC car, whether new or old. but old one is already purchased long ago and isn't in your use.

kevinrfq108 months ago

I have a question

If i disconnect my arduino from the pc, will it still work with the sketch?

And, can you post more pictures of the way we have to connect the items... the Hbridge and the sheeld with the car


Yes, It will still work

Hola Suena muy tentadora la propuesta de poder manejar tu choche con ayuda de Arduino y usar el celular Android como control :D

Diversion pura

seamster11 months ago

Cool! That looks like a lot of fun!