Have an old toy car? I hacked mine using Arduino and an H bridge circuit to control the motors, used my Sony Z1 Android phone to control it with the recent 1Sheeld I got from Kickstarter.

I thought to use the Gyroscope sensor in to drive it but after experimenting, I used the gravity sensor instead, will explain in details why later in step 5.

Step 1: Required Stuff

Required components:

1- Android smartphone / tablet ( x1)

2- Arduino uno ( x1) $26

3- 1Sheeld ( x1) $60

4-Cheap RC car ( x1) (you can get it from a toy store)

5- Connectors male female (x4) $5.45 per 40 set

6- H bridge ( x1) $9.51

7-- Mediabridge USB cable (x1) $7.99

8- Male Dc Plug (x1) $2

Required tools:

1- Screwdriver

2- Wire cutter

<p>I am having some serious problem with communication with arduino UNO ,When i send any value through serial monitor, arduino take input as Zero only</p><p>On printing the sent value theough ' Serial.println(val) '</p><p>It only print 0 , no matter what i send.. </p><p>Code as </p><p>int x ;</p><p>void setup ()</p><p>{</p><p>Serial.begin(9600);</p><p>}</p><p>void loop ()</p><p>{</p><p>while (Serial.available()==0);</p><p>x = Serial.read()-48;</p><p>Seria</p><p>l.println(x) ;</p><p>}</p>
<p>hi there!</p><p>want to know if I can use my arduino mega 2560 in the uno's place</p><p>thanks</p><p>Marwaan</p>
<p>Hooray! I figured it out. It works! </p>
<p>On step 3, </p><p>&quot; Connect the positive pole of the car battery to the H bridge where indicated on board &quot;red cable&quot;.</p><p>Connect the negative pole of the car battery to H bridge where indicated on board &quot;black cable&quot;. &quot;</p><p>... on my H-bridge there is no indication on my board &quot;red cable&quot; or &quot;black cable&quot;. Could you please explain more ? I am using the exact same components as you but a different remote control car.</p><p>Thank you.</p>
<p>Hello, I am having trouble with step 3. Could you post more pictures for step 3 please. Here is what my remote control car looks like.</p>
<p>Hello,</p><p>Can I use original Arduino wifi shield for this application? Will mobile app still work?</p><p>Thank you </p>
<p>can i use Bluetooth module HC-06 etc instead of &quot;Sheeld&quot; ?<br><br></p>
<p>excuse me sir, i want to ask.. is it the same if i use a new one RC car?<br>and.. can u give me and diagrams for making this?<br><br>im sorry if i disturbing u and for my bad english too..</p>
<p>I dont understand what do you want,so please show me more details to help you</p>
<p>im sorry before, my english really really bad<br><br>i mean..<br>there u say u use an old car.. is it the same step if i use a new one RC?<br>then can u give me the diagrams for making this?</p>
<p>@jack.simplechild: Yes, you can use RC car, whether new or old. but old one is already purchased long ago and isn't in your use.</p>
<p>I have a question</p><p>If i disconnect my arduino from the pc, will it still work with the sketch?</p><p>And, can you post more pictures of the way we have to connect the items... the Hbridge and the sheeld with the car</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>Yes, It will still work</p>
<p>Hola Suena muy tentadora la propuesta de poder manejar tu choche con ayuda de Arduino y usar el celular Android como control :D</p><p>Diversion pura</p>
<p>Cool! That looks like a lot of fun!</p>

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