Hacking Simple Unprotected Games





Introduction: Hacking Simple Unprotected Games

Using Windows Pinball as an example, I will show how to easily change the memory values(score etc.,etc.,...). It would have more pics if my computer wasnt a piece of shi*

But I think I have enough that will be able to lead you through everything.

Here you can see the Cheat engine and the Pinball game that every copy of XP should come with.

GET cheat engine here CE

  • I will be updating this a few times so any constructive criticism would be appreciated.
And be nice this is my 2nd instructable : p

Step 1: Play a Bit

Step one is the easiest.
Just play a bit of pinball to get a score. You wont get mine but whatever yours is just substitute it with mine.
You dont need a high score just perferably a 4-6 digit number.

Step 2: Select Process and Scan

Now open up cheat engine.
Go to the flashing computer icon to select a process.
When a window opens just select the pinball process.
(Mine was 00001340-PINBALL.EXE).
Then enter the score you have on pinball. You can see where in the pic.
(Mine was 115250)
Press the First scan button and addresses will show in the left pane.

Step 3: Be a Playa.

Play some more pinball (just one ball again) to get a higher score.
Now select the cheat engine again.
You will (well should) see the values for each address has changed.
Since their are only two we dont need to narrow the list down.
So select both addresses on the left, and click the red arrow.
The values will be at the bottom window now.

Step 4: Be a Cheater

Ok double click the address (I only did one so you can see the difference, both both need to be changed) where your score is (right side of the line)
Now you can change it to what ever you want.
Do this to both addresses.
Now open up Pinball and launch your last ball.
Your score will change and will only get higher and higher.

Step 5: Last Bit of Info

1. When you close the CE you can choose to save your shit. If you do the addresses will be saved (not the values) so when you open the CE while playing pinball you can open the table, and change the values. No searching required.

2. I was very non-descript because the 1st time you run CE you can complete the included tuts and learn from those.

3. It wont work for every game out there.

4. After you get the basics you can do other things like make trainers and such.



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my frind hacked runescape

sometimes you have to multiply the values by 8 so keep that in mind when you keep getting the wrong values.

is it safe

the contanin 3 virus in CE 5.4 (trojats, wrom and virus)

no, cheat engine isnt a virus, I use it sometimes and what you're detecting is the value changer.

Does anyone know just how legal/safe this is? Has anyone gotten any virus, ect. from this?

its safe, but I'm not sure about the legality.