Hacksawing is a great way to cut a wide variety of materials.

Step 1:

Measure and mark the material to be cut.
<p>I do not like that certain vise, it is not durable at all.</p>
Just so you know, your vice has a pipe holder built in. Pivot the arm 360 :) Of course you already know this, but I like to pretend to be observant.
Erm... Doesn't pivoting 360 degrees bring you back to where you started? 180 degrees perhaps? ;]
You're right! I was being lazy, and wasn't worried about scratching up the PVC.
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As a machinist, I was taught that the proper way to select a saw blade, whether it be hacksaw or whatever, is that a minimum of 3 teeth should be engaged into the workpeice when cutting. Thin materials need a finer toothed blade than a thick workpeice. If you are sawing something extremely thin, like a piece of tin, angle the blade to the workpeice so that at least 3 teeth are in contact with the workpeice and the results will be smoother and straighter. As you pointed out, there should be no downward pressure on the back stroke of the blade.
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<br /> &nbsp; I just mentioned on my new instructable the importance<br /> of a good blades and Hacksaw, Life is better with a good<br /> constant tension style as described in my new post:<br /> <br /> http://www.instructables.com/id/Sailing-Knife-Mod-for-Cold-Steel-True-Flight-Throw/<br /> <br /> &nbsp;And A photo of my hacksaw and choice of blades.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;And old salt once told me if you don't like a hacksaw,<br /> its either lousy or do not know how to use it...<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;..... the instructor omitted to warn first time users of a hacksaw that the saw will suddenly go through the material on the final cut and most first time users will cut them selves on the projecting sharp edge. So be warned.
But is basic to know how to use tools this is a good one, more people should teach us how to improve techniques in how we must use tools and safety tips thanks
Always hold clamp work as close to the cut as possible to avoid vibration. remember that screeching noise is wasted energy. stand to the side of the saw, using a stance like the classic Weaver shooting position, hold the saw with BOTH hands one at the front for control and let the saw do the work. there is no replacment for good quality bimetalic blades for general work i use 24t.p.i.
Thank you for posting this valuable information. I've seen hacksaws used, but it is good to have an actual set of instructions with all the safety info.
"Instructables is a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it." What next, a demo on how to open a door or maby how to use a fork. Haz
There's people that don't know basics as this one, but really want to start working on projects, so they have to learn these things.

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