Introduction: Hair

Step 1:

Brush any colored hair so there is no tats

Step 2:

Brush only the ends of the rest of your hair.

Step 3:

Pull all of your hair into a doughnut ring.

Step 4:

Spread your hair around it and secure with a band.

Step 5:

Tie a Ribbon around your hair for decoration. (If you want, before this step you could wrap the remains of your hair around the bun and secure with a band.)

Step 6:

All that's left to do is pull the hair from the bun to make it loose.



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    It is really amazing...I have explore some more hairstyles on this site ..They have wide collections..

    Sorry but maybe you should tell us about it a bit more.

    Sorry Beth's my best friend. I mean Lizzy monkey

    Hair, but no head?

    Maybe if the photos were better-lit, and thus less grainy, we could see what's going on?