Step 4: Pin Hair Up

Form your hair into a bun.  I found it easiest to twist my hair, then loop it around to create an oblong bun (instead of the standard round one) to best accommodate this bun slide.

Use one hand to hold the bun in place, then slip the card around it.  Shove the pen (or pencil, or chopstick) through both holes, threading it underneath most of the bun as it passes under the card.  This will bow the card, and pin the hair in your bun against it. 

Nice work - you've done it!  This clip should be more than enough to hold your hair in place all day.

This is grrrrrreat! So much cooler than just pencils in my bun
It might look cooler if you use a iTunes card
 haha!!! so simple yet so great, good job!
I love your name, headlessbubble! What a hoot!
Hey, you're not supposed to use a drill press with your hair down.
I'm nearly a year late, but I just saw this comment and had a good laugh! ;D
Looks good! I will try it! Thank you for sharing!<br />
good idea! i should try this
Geek Chic at it's finest!&nbsp; Awesome.&nbsp; <br />
Alas, I have too much hair for the average card to hold x3<br /> <br /> But this is an excellent idea!&nbsp;Good job.<br />
Maybe you could use one of those 'Bed Bath &amp; Beyond' 20% off coupon cards they send in the mail. ;-)<br />
it's funny~
Interesting!&nbsp; I think my hair is too thick, but will have to give it a try sometime.<br />
<p>Ditto here, but I might do this when it's short in the hot months.</p>
&quot;...my office doesn't have a hole punch.&nbsp; It does, however, have a drill press...&quot;<br /> <br /> &gt;daydreams&lt;<br /> <br /> <br />
+1<br />
This is SO&nbsp;five stars! I&nbsp;am going to do it NOW to get my hair up! Thank you!
&gt;claps hands&lt; Much nicer than the plain 'ol pen trick. Nice.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> So hard to believe she's 6 months old already! :0<br />
&nbsp;Neat trick! &nbsp;I don't think I could pull it off though. &nbsp;
Very inventive!!&nbsp; I think I have too much hair for it, but I've always envied people who could use these. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>

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