I made this hair comb out of 100+ year old Purple heart wood.
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Step 1: Preparing

Processing the wood to rough size

Step 2: Drawing the Design

The stencil is copied by using transferring paper (Indigo)

Step 3: Cutting the Teeth

Cutting teeth with jigsaw and tapering them with a file

Step 4: Carving

Carving with "V" chisel and Rotary tool

Step 5: Cutting to Size

Cutting to size with the coping saw and truing the edges with a belt sander

Step 6: Making Pins

Using brass for decoration pins and pinning them with a hammer

Step 7: Charring With a Candle

Charring to give carve more depth

Step 8: Finish

An epic hair comb that will last you until Ragnarök

<p>this is beautiful, have you uploaded the design somewhere? i suck at drawing to make my own, i want to do one for my girlfriend, i'm loving all the instructables you uploaded, keep the good work up &lt;3 </p>
<p>I am late... sorry, but here it is I took the scan with ruler to make it easier for you :)</p><p>Thank you one more for your nice words :) see you soon with new projects :D</p>
<p>thanks &lt;3 nice touch with the ruler, i have another work to do now, but i'll do this as soon as i finish the one i'm getting paid for, looking forward to your next instructables ;)</p>
It's nothing bro &lt;3 send me some photos when you make it ;)
Thank you very much :3 I will send you the design tommorow
<p>Wow!!! I cannot believe you made this. The carvings on it remind me of <br>leather tooling. I really hope you keep making videos and Instructables.<br> I just followed you on YT. If you keep creating like this, you will <br>have a huge following on there and here. I hope you share your <br>techniques - broken down - in depth...if possible. :) I am so fascinated<br> that you made this. If someone made something like this for me - I <br>would keep it for life and take such good care of it. How long did it <br>take to make? Did you give it someone? :) Thanks for this amazing <br>Instructable.</p>
<p>I have never got so nice comment, so thank you for the kind words and thank you for subscription on YT and Vote :3.</p><p>I am so into Celtic, Viking and Medieval (It's kind of connected, but ok) so i will definitely keep making YT videos and Instructables. It took me approximately around 12 hours to make this (3 days) I made it for myself, because now I have long hair (undercut) I am glad that you like it so much. I have my sketch of it so maybe you can make one for yourself :3</p><p>Cheers from Croatia &lt;3 &lt;3</p>
<p>also, thank you for this sketch - I didn't see this earlier!!!</p>
<p>Thank you for such a nice reply! I'm even more amazed it took 12 hours to make it. I'm sure video editing takes a long time too! I know it does for me! I think it's great you made it for yourself! It's incredible!!! Can't wait to see what you make next. Do you do other stuff with wood, I mean, building things? I made a dresser months back...my first big woodworking project (it's posted on instructables)...now I am addicted! I want to keep learning..and learn some of your techniques! So, thank you!!!</p>
<p>For me video editing also takes a bit too long because I am still learning how to use it hahahah.</p><p>I am in love with woodworking I made hand cut dovetails on tool cabinet and tenon and mortises on bunk bed, and I have seen your dresser It looks very modern and simple and nice choice of wood stain (same as tool cabinet I made) and wooow I am flattered that someone wants to learn from me... you definitely made my day :D &lt;3 </p><p>Cheers</p><p>Some things I made ( The hammer is on my brother YT channel &quot;Andrea Arzensek&quot; ) </p>
<p>First, WOW again for the other images you uploaded. So amazing. I watched your other YT videos and they were awesome as well. I especially loved the necklace one..and the music playing is soooo nice. So, you said you LOVE woodworking ....me too ...so much. I've done projects involving wood, that I like, but making the dresser changed everything. At first, after making it, I didn't think it was good enough, only saw the flaws etc. NOW, I LOVE it so much..I want to make another one for me...and more and more stuff. It's hard because the video editing is so tough....you seem to be good at it already. :) So glad i Made your day on here! I am really into leather tooling, and have never seen anyone carve into wood like that...so similar to the tooling I have done. I definitely want to learn more! I Hope you keep posting!</p>
<p>Did you sand a bit after charring so that the deeper parts are darker? Or do those parts just char more easily?</p>
I am going to explain to you whole process: I charred the whole carve and then I wiped off the high spots with a cloth with linseed oil so the parts that are carved will stay darker so it gives it more 3D look, thank you for your comment, and I will do more projects in future on my YouTube
<p>Absolutely stunning project! I am in love.</p><p>Voted </p>
<p>Thank you very much for your comment and vote, I really appreciate it :)</p>

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