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Introduction: Hair Growth Laser Hat for $60

I have been gradually getting a larger and larger bald spot on the back of my head for the last 5 years. I have tried Minoxidil, but it is messy and has not worked at all, that I can tell. I wanted to try a laser hat, but did not want to spend $700, only to find it did not work. I found 100 laser diodes for $50 on Amazon, put them in a foam pad with holes, added batteries, and put them in a baseball cap. I have been wearing the hat in the car, each day, during my 30 minute commute. This is supposed to take 6-12 months to work, but I am getting small, but noticeable results in 30 days. I am really excited to see what the next few months bring. Here is a video showing exactly what I did.

Supplies: 100 laser diodes ($5/10 doides on Amazon), 4 inch square of foam flooring, battery pack, switch, cap

Step 1 - Drill or punch 100 equally spaced 1/8" holes in foam.

Step 2 - Unscrew and discard all lenses from lasers

Step 3 - Press lasers into foam holes

Step 4 - Connect all red laser wires to switch. Connect switch red battery wire

Step 5 - Connect all the blue laser wires to the black battery wire.

Step 6 - Lace battery pack to outside back of cap.

Step 7 - Lace, or double-stick tape, foam laser pack to inside of cap, where you need it.

Step 8 - Put hat on your head and wear it for 15-30 minutes a day.

TIP - Get some rechargeable Lithium AA batteries. Regular batteries only last a week.



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    First of all thanks for the instructions on how to make this hat. It’s incredibly useful and have been using a similar (and more expensive) product for years. My hat gets really bright and then reduces the intensity a minute or so after starting it. Is this a problem of wrong wire size used to connect the battery pack to the diodes?
    Thank you.


    I wondered whether this hair-brained method would really work, but had to take my hat off to a Dateline 12-month investigation into hair growth. Not a glowing report on laser treatment, but good enough to do more than skin deep research. I am too lazy to mess with a laser comb, and didn't want to shave off $700 for the iGrow or LaserCap hats, only to get thin results. $60 is a hair less than I spend taking my wife to dinner, so I figured, it was worth a try. The bald truth is that I am getting slow, but legit, hair-raising results, wearing this hat during my 30-minute commute.

    NBC Dateline Hair Growth Challenge:

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    So many hair related puns, my head hurts!

    Thanks for this instructable!!!!!

    I made this device and I hope it works! I only paid 15 € for the lasers on ebay...

    I connected the lasers to an old USB charger and as far as I can tell it works fine....but...the charger is rated for 5V / 1A, I have 100 lasers at I have to connect a different power source with more Ampere?

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    At 1 Amp (1000mA) each doide is getting 10 mA. I run 4.5 volts at 2000 mA, so I am getting about 20 mA per diode. I don't know if brighter is better, but mine are really bright. I bet what you are doing in fine.

    ...mine are really bright, too....but could this damage the power supply?

    That was very interesting.

    For you nest project, I'd like to suggest using conductive epoxy or glue. I only mention it for those who don't own or want to use a soldering iron. IIRC, there is now even a conductive polymer clay :-)

    I don't much care if I have hair or not, but I really like cool hacks and yours certainly qualifies in that regard. I'm sure there are plenty of people who will benefit.

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    Wire wraping works quite well. I have a soldering iron but didn't use it. Thanks for the conductive glue idea. I will get some for my next project.

    Whose head is in the before & after shots?

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    I'm not sayin :)