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Introduction: Hair Hair Bow!

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Hair Hair Bows!

A perfect summer time or back to school updo!

Great for lazy days...doesn't take much more work than a ponytail or a bun!

Popularized by Miss Lady Gaga, this is a hit with tweens and teens too!

It's easy to do on yourself, doesn't take much skill...

and it's totally ATTENTION getting!

Step 1: Supplies


All you need is:

A brush/comb

Hair elastic

Bobby pins...about 6 to 8


Hair spray

And some hair!
(she's got long hair, but this style works as long as you can get your hair into a little ponytail bun)

Step 2: Bun Fun

Make a high ponytail...right on the top of the head.

Wrap it 2-3 times and on the final wrap,

Don't pull all the hair through...making a ponytail bun.

Fluff it up a little...using most of the hair.

But leaving a tail of hair hanging in the front of your face.

Step 3: Bow Pinning

Split the bun in half...

Take the remaining hair hanging in the front and wrap it
up and over the center of the split bun.

Use 2-3 bobby pins to secure it in place right at the base of the ponytail elastic in the back.

Take the remaining tail and wrap it around the base of the bow...
covering up the ponytail elastic.

Bobby pin the ends in place.

Bobby pin the bow on each fluffy side.
Just one to hold it in place...although it holds pretty well by itself.

Step 4: Fluff and Stuff

Pull up on each side of the bow gently while misting with hair spray.

The more you spray, the more you can mold your bow into the perfect shape.

Take care of all those little fly-aways!

Repeat shaping on the back.
The best part is that the backside of the hair looks just as cute as the front!


Step 5: Enjoy!

Works great as pigtail twin bows too!
(this was when her hair was much shorter...still looks great!)

Enjoy this stylish do without coping out and just doing a ponytail!

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23 Discussions

AWESOME!! my hair is way too thin for this and I have layers so there is a lot of stragle pieces

I tried this and my hair is way to thick hahah. But very cute hairstyle

I tried this and my hair is way to thick hahah. But very cute hairstyle

What if you have short hair like I do?

im gonna try like. lower version of it cuz it sort of looks wierd(i have a small face)one me

ha!simpler than it looks

That's really awesome when I see people have that hairstyle I think that must be so hard b but its a actually not

So adorable!! I'm sure an adult could use it for a mod 60's look.

almost like a little doll

I wonder how this would look on a 30+ year old? :) Super fun!

嘿嘿,挺好看的,小姑娘很害羞很可爱, It looks very good

This is so cute! It's amazing how many how many hair styles are possible! :)