Hair Shell


Introduction: Hair Shell

1. wash hair

2. crep all your hair from cheek and down.

3. boffount creped hair

4.put up in shell, feel free and feel form.

5. take a picture

Step 1:



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    This looks cute! But I am not the most familir with hair style terms. I am also curious what "crep"-ing the hair is and what it means to boffount your hair?

    2 replies

    I think they mean crimp. And abouffant hairstyle means it's puffed out with a rounded shape (: not my turorial, but I hope this helps !

    Hi, what do you mean "crep hair"? I looked it up online but only found "crepe hair" which is applying false hair (example: for theater). Thank you.

    1 reply

    I believe they mean crimp because to me the hair looks like it was crimped. I could be wrong though.