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Introduction: Hair Sparkles

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If you Google “crystal hair coils” you’ll find items that look something like this. These are made from paper clips and hot set fabric crystals. You can find the crystals at any craft store.

To make them begin by extending a paper clip. Make a small tight bend at one end. Roll the wire continuously around the bend to create a coil. Make sure you wrap the wire so the existing paperclip bends are hyper extended.

Use cone nose pliers to separate the coils. Keep separating until you have a platform just big enough to set the crystal. Trim the coil down to size and file off any sharp edges.

Place the crystal on top of the coil and use a heat gun to activate the adhesive.



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    these are so nice and easy to make!!! thanks so muchh

    thank you thank you thank you...i have been spending a small fortune for hair spirals. I knew they had to be easy to make, but couldn't figure out what type of wire to use....i'm on a mission now!!!!!!

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    Cool, you looked!? I haven't posted anything yet. I thought to post things as they were requested but I think I'll just make things and post them as I go.

    Any ideas for my next project? Right now I'm making a pendant out of cowrie shell.

    I absolutely love all of your work and have made a few myself for friends and family.
    It amazes me that you can make so many different styles and designs of jewelry out of paper clips!

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    You brought a smile to my face. Thanks a million.

    I have actually been imagining ways to do this. After watching various episodes of American Idol, and noticing the sparkles in the hair of Lauren Alaina and trying to think of a relatively easy way (and cheap) to make something similar for my girls.

    Thanks AGAIN for a great little 'ible

    Nice!  I used to wear these!  And this has given me an idea for an Instructable.