In my first Instructable i am going to show you how to change hair, eyes, and lip color in Photoshop CS4

Step 1:

On The first step you have to find a good picture i found this great picture of Pam Anderson.
Once you have uploaded it to photoshop you can go to step 2.
this was a very helpful instructable thnks for making it
<p>Amazing tutorial, It helped me a lot.</p><p>Regards:</p><p>Samuel Emmanuel ( <strong><a href="http://thehelperbee.blogspot.com/" rel="nofollow">The Helper Bee</a> )</strong></p>
<p>Oh, Wow !! What a great tutorial that is !! Thanks a lot !!</p><p>Also, have a look t my tutorial <a href="http://www.tutorialsfist.com/2015/04/how-to-change-colour-of-lipstick-in-photoshop/" rel="nofollow">How to change colour of Lipstick in Photoshop</a></p>
<p>It is very nice CS4</p>
<p>it's nice step thnx 4 making it </p>
This is a cool instructable... but... ummm.... you missed a bit of hair! ;op Seriously tho, I'm gonna give this a go :o)
I am so sorry because i sorta messed up and i noticed when i was uploading the picture =*(<br/>
No problem hun, just kidding! It's the instructable that counts not the detail in the pics :o)
You never tell us "Exactly" how to change the clothes and GIMP is way better than Photoshop plus its free.
I dont want to start a flame war here, but I must say, GIMP is pretty gimpy, Photoshop is far more intuitive and user friendly. that's just my opinion.
As much as I like gimp, I agree. No true professional uses gimp. It isn't as powerful, and doesn't have as much money pushing its capabilities. One day, Gimp could be much better, and I would love to see that.
I've got nothing against photoshop but am not willing to spend $600 when gimp does 90% of the same thing. plus i use a linux dual boot computer and gimp isn't all to hard to write scripts for. i support opensource software all the way!
I think most people are all for open-source, it's just that extra 10% that real designers need to basically stay even/ahead of the curve. For use at home, GIMP is more than adequate.
you do excactly the same thing: add a new layer, paint over it with white brush, press soft light , go to hue, select colorize and choose a color.
lol and Paint.net
Paint.net rocks! super user friendly, no ram-eater AND same fucnctions as ps!
You can tell it photoshoped, if you look at the left side of her hair you can see a small glow were the hair is on all side.
If you're talking layer effects here, it'd be better to use a hue or color overlay type. Soft light can change light detail in the original image, and unless you're trying to highlight the hair specifically, a color overlay would produce more natural results.

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