Hair, eyes, lips and clothing color changing in photoshop CS4

In my first Instructable i am going to show you how to change hair, eyes, and lip color in Photoshop CS4

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Step 1:

Picture of
On The first step you have to find a good picture i found this great picture of Pam Anderson.
Once you have uploaded it to photoshop you can go to step 2.

Step 2:

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Since you already have a picture(hopefully) you add a new layer and and color the hair white.
then choose soft light.
onto step 3!

Step 3:

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once the image is on soft light you can go to image in the menu bar>adjustment>hue and saturation.
once the pop up opens you press colorize and choose any color you want but you might have to move all the bar to get that perfect color.

Step 4:

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now that the hair is colored you can do the same thing to both eyes
(in case you forgot: new layer, white brush, color over her eyes choose soft light and go to the menu bar choose image>adjustments>hue and saturation)

Step 5:

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Now your done and you can use this technique to tinker any pictures here are the original and the modified. hope this instructable helps

Step 6:

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tunkymunky5 years ago
this was a very helpful instructable thnks for making it
AwaisG2 days ago
silentahmad4 months ago

Oh, Wow !! What a great tutorial that is !! Thanks a lot !!

Also, have a look t my tutorial How to change colour of Lipstick in Photoshop

ArunJ1 made it!7 months ago

It is very nice CS4

samid.khan.3311 months ago

it's nice step thnx 4 making it

This is a cool instructable... but... ummm.... you missed a bit of hair! ;op Seriously tho, I'm gonna give this a go :o)
Josrodr (author)  sweetsingeruk5 years ago
I am so sorry because i sorta messed up and i noticed when i was uploading the picture =*(
No problem hun, just kidding! It's the instructable that counts not the detail in the pics :o)
zilcho5 years ago
You never tell us "Exactly" how to change the clothes and GIMP is way better than Photoshop plus its free.
I dont want to start a flame war here, but I must say, GIMP is pretty gimpy, Photoshop is far more intuitive and user friendly. that's just my opinion.
As much as I like gimp, I agree. No true professional uses gimp. It isn't as powerful, and doesn't have as much money pushing its capabilities. One day, Gimp could be much better, and I would love to see that.
zilcho vanpaun5 years ago
I've got nothing against photoshop but am not willing to spend $600 when gimp does 90% of the same thing. plus i use a linux dual boot computer and gimp isn't all to hard to write scripts for. i support opensource software all the way!
yokozuna zilcho5 years ago
I think most people are all for open-source, it's just that extra 10% that real designers need to basically stay even/ahead of the curve. For use at home, GIMP is more than adequate.
Josrodr (author)  zilcho5 years ago
you do excactly the same thing: add a new layer, paint over it with white brush, press soft light , go to hue, select colorize and choose a color.
lol and Paint.net
Paint.net rocks! super user friendly, no ram-eater AND same fucnctions as ps!
IX Smith XI5 years ago
You can tell it photoshoped, if you look at the left side of her hair you can see a small glow were the hair is on all side.
Grimfusion5 years ago
If you're talking layer effects here, it'd be better to use a hue or color overlay type. Soft light can change light detail in the original image, and unless you're trying to highlight the hair specifically, a color overlay would produce more natural results.