Picture of Haircut Chia Pet Grass Heads!  Great for Summer Break!
It's so good for kids to see plants grow...
but if you are like me, your gardening skills are very limited.
Here is a super fun kid project for Summer Break that will
let your child feel successful in under 2 weeks!

You just need some upcycled container (ours was yogurt)
An old nylon/tights/stocking
Grass seed, dirt and decorations!

Step 1: Ready go!

Picture of Ready go!
grass seed.jpg
nylon sock babies grass chia pets.jpg
Here's what we did.
We took a bunch of too small little girls tights and cut the feet off...

We put in a scoop of grass seed right down to the toes...You'll
want it right in the tip of the toe, so your person grows hair.  It's funny
though because stray grass blades will grow out of the nose or eyebrow!

A heap of dirt on the top of the grass...
Then a knot...then another scoop of dirt and a knot...
stability for sitting in the container.
ain.moe10 months ago

hello... hi i would like to ask whare u get tht grass seed...

Rune Cutter2 years ago
Very Good Instructable
shazni2 years ago
How cute!
wold6302 years ago
Omg! I just made these with my boys about a month ago! So cute and easy.

They absolutely love cutting the hair!!