Create stylish earrings from hairpins - easy, fast and cheap.

Step 1: Tools

pipe-like tool in the size of desired jump rings (I used a tool from my cosmetic bag.)

flat nose pliers

19 gauge wire

10x (extra long) hairpins

2x earring hooks

Step 2: Creating Jump Rings

Take some pipe-like tool in the desired size for your jump rings. (I used a tool from my cosmetic bag.)

Step 3:

Bend the wire around your tool until you get two full rings in the"spring".

Step 4:

Cut the wire "spring" with flat nose pliers and you get two jump rings - one for each earring.

Step 5: Assembly All Parts

Open each jump ring by bending its end to the side, don't pull them just apart, this will destroy the round shape.

Step 6:

Hang 5 pieces of hairpins on each jump ring. Pay attention that hairpins have one side longer than the other, all short sides should look in one direction.

Step 7:

Hang one earring hook to each jump ring and close jump rings with flat nose pliers.

Step 8:

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