Step 5: Sock Bun

1. Clip a small hole in a sock (the size of the sock bun will be determined by the size of the sock) and roll from the toes up.

2. Gather hair high up on head, around the crown, and secure with ponytail holder.

3. Twist hair into a rope and slide sock up the length, pushing it against the hair tie. Let hair untwist.

4. Lean over; spread hair back over the sock, covering it entirely. Use another ponytail holder to secure spread-out hair over the sock.

5. Stand up straight; gently push hair down so that the remainder (if you have a remainder) spreads out under the newly-created sock bun. Do whatever you wish with this; braid and twist around bun, simply twist around bun, let hang. At any point, a hair stick can be used to increase the stability of the bun or for decoration.