Step 9: Half-Bun

Picture of Half-Bun
In this style, a small bun is created by gathering the top part of your hair and letting the rest hang down. The final look of this style, and of course the size of the bun, is greatly determined by the length and thickness of your hair.

1. Gather top half of hair into bun style of choice.

2. Secure with hair stick.
XofHope1 year ago

You hair's actually longer than mine (butt length), that's amazing!

Thanks for the great ideas!

I use hair stick for special occasions but use 3 inch long hair pins or claw clips the rest of the time. I usually just wind it around like the cinnamon bun. It's really exciting to find something new to do with my long hair!

I'm also excited to see your hair sticks! I don't know how to get in tough with your aunt and find out if she could make some for me. Can you have her get in touch with me?