Picture of Hairy monster drawstring pouch (for rpg)
A sweet hairy monster to store your rpg dice or anything else!

I wanted one since I saw this cool dice pouch, but there was no explanation or directions. I used this tutorial on simple drawstring bags a lot as a reference.

The bag I made has a square bottom of 8.5cm square and it is 16cm high (yes that is way too big for a dice bag).

It took me an afternoon to make it (but I am veeeeeery slow).
Sorry I didn't think of taking pictures in the progress, you'll have to cope with my drawings. I am deeply sorry for my drawing skills.
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Step 1: You will need

You will need :
- faux fur, mine was long-haired and white, I used a 16cm x 34cm rectangle and a 8.5cm square
- red fabric, 16cm x 34cm rectangle and a 8.5cm square
- some white fleece, around 34cm x4 cm rectangle
- white and red thread
- a ribbon matching your outer fabric (67cm for mine)
- pins
- tape
- googly eyes + glue, or buttons for the eyes
- a sewing machine that makes buttonholes, or you need to know how to make buttonholes, because I don't and I can't teach you.

Step 2: How to cut out fur

Picture of How to cut out fur
Before cutting out your faux fur, make a parting in order to cut close to the fabric and not to cut stray hairs.

Step 3: Making the bag - 1

Picture of Making the bag - 1
fabric order.png
Cut out the two 16cm x 34cm rectangles, one in each fabric. Cut out two 8.5cm squares, one in each fabric.
Cut out the teeth in the white fleece. You will need to leave a seam allowance of about 0.5cm, which means you will cut out a crown shape instead of several triangles. The shape and size of the teeth is up to you, the length of the "crown" is 34cm as well.

Pin together the two big rectangles of fabric right sides facing and slip the teeth between them. Not that it is very important, but fleece has a right side, you might want to put it facing the right side of the fur. Sew on that one line only.
Behold... so cute. I need to find an excuse to make something like that since we already have dicebags we like... Nevertheless, I love how it snarls - thanks for sharing!