Picture of Hakr Tutorial: Custom Flashdrive Icons and Label
This i just a quick tutorial on creating custom flashdrive label and icons.

DISCLAIMER: This is to be used for instructional purposes only, and I am not liable for any damage or destruction to you or your computer that may occur from attempting this Instructable.

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Step 1: The icon

This is very easy to do.
1. Open up a normal notepad doc.

2. Then drag and drop an icon file into your flashdrive's directory

3. Type the following

4. Where i have "example" is where you should type the icon file's exact name(note: don't add the quotations)

5. Then save in as autorun.inf in your flashdrive's directory

6.Safely remove and plug it in again and it should be there.
saradiyal873 years ago
There is a way to insert symbols to drive label,
I learn it from,

cool but you should take a picture of your computer each time so people dont get confused