Named for someone that stands in combat boots waist deep dealing with bul bureaucracy all day long making sure things are safe to eat.  Here is a field expedient recipe that really doesn't require baking at all. Actually the opposite, refrigerating things down to the optimal safe holding temperature between 35 to 38 degrees F.

Make this delectable pudding pie from store bought ingredients and packed with the wholesome goodness of pure grade A milk. Contains enough refined sugar  to down a cow after a sugar high.


CAUTION: Preparation involves a lot of stuff in the kitchen and guaranteed to make a mess.  Clean up thoroughly and sanitize afterwards.  Allergy warning:  This ible may have been processed by someone who may be nuts.

Step 1: Great Stuff...

Grab a bunch of things that may already be in your pantry.

You need two different kinds of cookies, dark chocolate colored and light vanilla cookies.  Mine are the regular creme-filled in the middle sandwich cookies.

Chocolate pudding mix or a light color pudding mix that you can color with the addition of cocoa powder.


Milk to prepare the pudding mix.

To make the custom formed pie plate:




tinfoil, the same stuff you can use to make hats

refrigerator to chill the product

True homemakers or chefs can use homemade or from scratch ingredients.  You can then guarantee you are getting fresh but then again, I am not a master baker.  
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