Half Bathroom Remodelation





Introduction: Half Bathroom Remodelation

I wanted to switch my half bathroom and give it a more modern look. My inspiration came from the grain of the wood I used to cover the wall. Originally I thought to use it in a horizontal style, but when I saw the grain of the wood I changed my original idea. It was created by slicing this particular type of compressed 4x4 which I found at a local Lumber Yard. The bowl is an aluminum piece I found at a department store which was drilled to fit the faucet. The black top is plywood painted glossy black and cover in a thick varnish. The bottom shelf was made with the same 4x4’s. The wall art was created by gluing galvanized washers and glass.This is how the half bathroom was finished. To see other projects, I invite you to www.formacolorytextura.com

Step 1: Before

Step 2: Removed the Mirror

Step 3: The Same Wood I Used for the Tiles, Is the Same Wood I Used to Create the Under Sink Shelf

Step 4: Put Together 4 Pieces of Wood 4x4, Then Painted and Apply the Glaze

Step 5: Installed Without the Sink

Step 6: For the Sink , I Used a Normal Piece for Decoration , Make a Hole and Voilá ...now It's a Sink!!

Step 7: Put Together 4 Pieces and Apply the Polyurethane

Step 8: And This Is the Final Result.



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    1 year ago

    The compressed wood for the tiles looks great! I've never seen something like that.

    1 reply

    Thank you . That wood was amazing!!! I wish I could find the piece a have with the name on it , but when we moved, I don't remember where I put

    That compresses wood is extraordinary fancy! Can anyone tell the exact term, or where to buy such?

    1 reply

    I know I have a little piece with the name on it, but in the moving I don't know where I put it. If I find it , I will let you know the name.

    PS: Forgot to mention, I live in Germany...