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The Half Hitch is basically an overhand knot tied around an object. Typically the half-hitch is used as the start of more complex knots as it is not secure on its own.

I find it is best to practice on a table leg.

In the description you will find the terms ‘load side’ and ‘working end’. For those of you that might be learning how to tie a knot for the first time, the ‘load side’ of a rope is the part of the rope that is not active in knot tying and the ‘working end’ is the part of the rope that does all the work.

Step 1:

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Holding the rope in your left hand take the working end (pointing away) of the rope and make a loose loop to the right around your table leg. Overlapping the load side of the rope, the working end should be pointing to the left.

Step 2:

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Twist the working end under the load side and up through the loop

Step 3:

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Pull on the working end and load side of the rope to tighten the Half Hitch Knot.

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