I have a good feeling that a lot of our members at Instructables have probably never ever tasted what really good french onion soup tastes like because just like any good soup, its takes lots of sweat, tears, and time to make a really good French Onion Soup. As i've made some pretty good French Onion Soup in the past, I want to share with you a new technique of how to prepare French Onion Soup. (I believe its French because it supposedly involves the use of sherry in the Soup). The essentials of making really good french onion soup are:

-Not merely sweated or sauted onions, but rather a nice golden brown onion slivers
that have a bit of gooeyness, sweetness, and intensity of flavor due to converting the natural
starches within the Onion to nice Caramel overtones.
-Twice as much Onion as a regular recipe. I really love the onions and can't get enough of it.
-Piece of stale/Toasted bread to go on top of the French onion Soup. (Croutons)
-Time to simmer in all the flavors.

The recipe that i have been really successful with is: Note : If your going to use Dry white Wine, Use 5lbs of Sweet Onion. Otherwise Any White wine
           will do (and if your not 21 yet, white grape juice will do fine). Overall, i would recommend
           users to cook with Yellow onions as A) they are more available and B) May not be as
           sweet, but than again we don't want to eat candy soup do we?

Step 1: Cut the Onions And...Microwave Them!

What ingredients are involved in this step
-10 lbs of onions. sliced.
-1 stick of butter.
-Crushed Black pepper.

Yes! The true secret to making really good French Onion soup is making sure that:

-The onion is cut into slivers.
-The onions are sufficiently sweated.
-There is that nice amount of gooeyness to the onions and are naturally brown
(you can't really get that from putting them in an oven...you loose that gooeyness)
-More Onions are always needed!

You ask yourself, "How am i supposed to sweat and caramelize 10 lbs worth of onions?" Well, if you were to use the old style of sweating and caramelizing the onions, you would **EASILY** consume 3 hours with at least 2 cast iron pans constantly attempting to sweat all those onions correctly and making sure we don't introduce any bitter burntness into the onion themselves.

*** How to Reduce Crying ***

In my mind, the easiest way to reduce crying is simply...Wear goggles. (wearing gogles
prevents the sulfuric gases from reacting with the moisture in your eyes...causing you to cry)
Don't Have Googles? Place the onions in the refrigerator until they are cold to the touch. (The ideal gas law we learned in chemistry says that gases will stay in solution if they are at a colder temperatures). Don't like doing either? Have a little fan by your cutting area to "blow" the fumes away from you. I am aware there is a technique to prevent the release of gasses by cutting the onion a certain way, but i even deem that too advanced.

***The No Sweat Technique*** to sweating and cooking onions.

By basically putting them into a microwave and covering them with plastic wrap, you are slowly cooking them at 220 degrees Fahrenheit, which happens to be the boiling point of water, and converting the starches inside the onions into sugars without burning them! In order to make the soup extra interesting, we will be:

-If doing 4 lbs batches, cover for 15 minutes with plastic wrap.
-Add salt and crushed black pepper (about 1 teaspoon-your will have about 3 batches),
-mix together. Microwave for an additional 10 minutes uncovered.

(Note: You can increase the speed of sweating your onions by using 2 microwaves)

Once you sweat them all initially, you want to place them on a plastic collander
which sits on a tiny bowl inside of a bigger bowl. This allows for it to further cook
while also separating the "onion juice" from the onions itself, helping it further
decrease the hydration of the onions.

You can taste-test the sweetness of the onions by cooking it in  10 minute intervals and tasting the sweetness of the onions . As long as there is a sufficient mass of moist onion, it will not burn or get too dry. After microwaving each batch for about 20 minutes, pour the liquids into another dish and either A) drink it or B) Use it to Caramelize your onions after they turn brown. Start to immediately Caramelize those ones. Be sure to save that liquid! We will be using it later.

By the way, if you ever want to make some really good toasted red potatoes and carrots, marinate them in olive oil, salt, and pepper and microwave them for about 5 minutes covered. This ensures they are moist on the inside and than throw them in the oven to develop a nice crust. 

SO overall the steps are:

10 minutes covered, add salt, 10 minutes uncovered (repeat for each of the 3 batches)
Put all the sweated onions in a collander on top of a bowl inside a larger bowl for 10 minutes.
Mix around and sweat for another 10 minutes.

(Note: The method is somewhat similar to the Cook Illustrated method, except the Cook Illustrated method assumes you have a dutch oven. By using indirect heat, it allows it to cook the onions at a fast speed without having to slaving the onions for about an hour. This step eliminates the need to sweat it initially and it reduces the volume of the onions so that you can use it for the next step...ideally in the oven inside a crockpot.)

You said 220F is boiling point of water, which is incorrect. 212F=100C which is the boiling point of water.
<p>At what altitude?</p>
<p>at sea level</p>
Onions are like this?
those are considered &quot;brown&quot; onions.
In my own cookings, I've found that a nice pale ale or other bitter beer works wonders in place of the wine.
I made this last week for my partner's birthday. Where the garlic idea was concerned I took a cue from French garlic soup. Put the cloves in whole to cook, then pureed the thoroughly softened garlic &amp; returned it to the pot to help thicken the soup. I used about 5 very large cloves for the pot.
&quot;Ogres are like onions!&quot; <br>
mmm onions!

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