Step 4: The Better Half

  1. Lift cookies off the cookie sheets
  2. Flip each cookie over, and using the small knives or spatulas, cover half of the base of each cookie with chocolate icing, and the other with plain icing
  3. Enjoy!
These keep well wrapped individually in plastic wrap, especially if kept cool. If you're going to keep them in the fridge for a while, it's advisable to leave them out for a few moments before eating as the frosting can get a bit firm.
I think the intro image is of a quarter moon. I'm sure they'll taste fantastic regardless of the name.
You're 100% right - Half-Moon is pretty much the standard name for these though; and they really are delicious!<br />
mmm looks dou-decadent! <br />
Thanks!<br />
My Grandmother used to take me to the Home Dairy in Ithaca, NY when I was very young.&nbsp; The Half Moon cookies were always purchased on the way out the door, but they kept them in the bakery display case... The Home Dairy is closed now.&nbsp; Memories, wonderful memories.&nbsp; I'm going to make a batch today!&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
I hope they'll be as good as those were (or at least that they'll evoke some warm-fuzzies)!<br />

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