Picture of Half Rack Mail Sorter.
I needed something to seperate mail into, using what I had. Duct tape and beer.

Step 1: Take the bottoms of two half racks.

Picture of take the bottoms of two half racks.
For the unknowing viewers, a half rack is a 12pack of beer, which is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grains, dating back thousands of years, which are units of time based on the revolution around the Sun of a specific planet, in this case the Earth, which is where you, assumedly, are right now.
NinjaTek9 years ago
Beer + Functionality + DIY = The finest level of artistic endeavor I have seen in awhile. This is definetly on my todo list.

Only problem is I'm impatient and I need to get two half racks, i don't know if I will be able to complete the project alive 0_0
Scurl! (author)  NinjaTek9 years ago
you can do it with one if you use the top (with the handle) for the base, and use the bottom for the slots. i just didn't want the handle showing the wall...that and i've plenty of half rack's laying around, i use them for stencils...