Half Rack Mail Sorter.





Introduction: Half Rack Mail Sorter.

I needed something to seperate mail into, using what I had. Duct tape and beer.

Step 1: Take the Bottoms of Two Half Racks.

For the unknowing viewers, a half rack is a 12pack of beer, which is an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grains, dating back thousands of years, which are units of time based on the revolution around the Sun of a specific planet, in this case the Earth, which is where you, assumedly, are right now.

Step 2: Plot Your Slot Alott......ment

Now you cut one of the bottoms into 2 pieces. I just did it by eye, a little less then 1/2 the total length, a little more then 1/3. If you need more than two slots, maybe just cut one of the bottoms into 3 equal or not pieces. Leave one of the bottoms uncut, it's the solid foundation this whole enterprise is built on.

Step 3: Pleasingly Place Your Pieces.

As you may or may not see from my circa '98 digicam/mp3 player pics, i used duct tape to secure the two pieces together. A strip slightly shorter than the cardboard piece you're affixing, folded in half so as to stick to both sides, works wonders.

Step 4: Don't Forget About the Rest

If you've aligned your pieces and taped 'er all up, then you should have a functional mail slot thingy that pretty much looks like an ad for beer. We don't get much mail so this works perfect, and if it dont fit in there, it's 99% sure it's junk mail. And don't just toss the rest of the half rack away! use both sides to make nifty, angsty, artsy fartsy stencils and harass your local artist hangout with them.



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Beer + Functionality + DIY = The finest level of artistic endeavor I have seen in awhile. This is definetly on my todo list.

Only problem is I'm impatient and I need to get two half racks, i don't know if I will be able to complete the project alive 0_0

you can do it with one if you use the top (with the handle) for the base, and use the bottom for the slots. i just didn't want the handle showing the wall...that and i've plenty of half rack's laying around, i use them for stencils...