This tutorial explains how I create my version of a slit throat makeup application.

Supplies you will need:

- Liquid Latex
- Q-tips (to apply the latex)
- Toilet paper, tissues, or paper towels
- Makeup/Paints
- Fake blood
- Cotton balls and/or paint brushes
- Thick, black thread and an appropriate needle

Step 1: Begin Building Your Layers

Before we can sew anything, we have to have something to sew, right?
First you need to figure out how you want it to look, of course, so have a plan in your head that you will follow throughout these steps.

Begin by tearing pieces of your toilet paper into rough shapes that match what you have in mind. You can also cut them, if that makes it easier. (Your pieces will probably end up being long, so tear those into smaller segments. That will make it easier to apply.)

Take your piece of toilet paper, and apply it to your neck (wherever you want it to go) with the latex. I find it easiest to apply latex with q-tips.

Continue to apply your toilet paper and latex until you have your desired shape formed. (I like to apply mine crumpled up and wrinkled, even torn sometimes. That way it gives it a nice texture when painted.)

Ready to sew? Not yet, you need to keep on layering on top of your shape until it is thick. And I mean REALLY thick. A good way to test it is to let it dry, then pinch it. if you can't feel the pinch at all- you are good to go. But remember, your latex needs to be 100% dry before you sew, and again, it needs to be thick!
You do some awesome work. Keep it up. Great i'ble.

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