Introduction: Half-automatic Pistol Design

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This is my new Half-automatic Pistol design i will share it.
please Subscribe and comment hope you like it :-)

Step 1: All You Need

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All you will need if you dont know what some pieces are or how many ASK IT :D

Step 2: In the Begining :p

Picture of In the Begining :p

well... make all this

Step 3: More.....

Picture of More.....

more small parts..

Step 4: Get It Bigger :D

Picture of Get It Bigger :D


Step 5: Still Not Done :D

Picture of Still Not Done :D

ur olmost there :) (and yes i like smily's XD)

Step 6: Olmost There """-.-

Picture of Olmost There    """-.-

Step 7: DONE

Picture of DONE

well olmost , if eny questions ASK THEM :D


blockabloke (author)2014-01-17

What's with batteries on it?

Fred da Bunny (author)2010-09-06

you could have just called it semi-auto

knexguy (author)2010-03-23

Yeuch, those bands make it look horrible. 

Auto load (author)knexguy2010-03-24

you dont have to ,
its optional :D
but your right but the gun feels better in your hands with rubberbands

knexguy (author)Auto load2010-03-25

Then make it so it doesn't need them, and it will be a little better.

Auto load (author)knexguy2010-03-26

you have eny idea?

but you like the gun?

knexguy (author)Auto load2010-03-26

All in all, it's better than what a lot of people here started out with.

Auto load (author)knexguy2010-03-26

okay thanks

~KGB~ (author)2010-03-22


KnexFreek (author)2010-03-22


Auto load (author)KnexFreek2010-03-22

Thx this comment realy keep me making new instructables =)

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Bio: I'm 17 year old. I like to inventing new knex things (mostly weaponary :p)
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