Half Original Gift Box





Introduction: Half Original Gift Box

A little while ago, I sent this gift box to cerebrate my best friend who just have a baby.
I found just painting on a randome empty box makes it looks little bit special.

Put something unique inside, wrap with paper, and surprise someone twice!

Step 1: Choose One Randome Box for Your Present

Since I often send gifts by mail, I usually keep a lot of nice-size boxes.
This time, I used hair dryer box.

Step 2: Paint the Box!

Use your imagination, and paint on the box picture with acril paint color.
If you use colorful paint, the boring picture looks more exciting.
You can also write massage on it. (don't even have to buy a card! lol)

Step 3: Dry Completely, and Finish!

Please dry a little bit more than you think before you wrap to avoid acril paint color stick with wrapping paper.

Because my best friend told me that she loved it, I was very happy and decided to up this Instructable. Cristmas season is comming very soon, I hope my gift box idea would help you.




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    Thank you marcellahella! If you choose a box with girls picture on it, It's fun to put make up on their faces^_^

    So cute! Whenever we open presents, someone always ends up asking "is this what's inside?" cause I always reuse boxes. This would be a nice surprise.

    Haha, my mom does that. She'll put bottles of lotion in cereal boxes and gift cards inside CD cases..it's funny. The CD case is a good idea though so you don't lose your gift card.

    Thank you. I really understand the feeling!
    And it's fun to paint box.