Halloween 2007 - "Who Ya Gonna Call?"





Introduction: Halloween 2007 - "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

Inspired by the 1984 hit. It took about 3 weeks to make.

Step 1: Dummy

I apologize for not having full instructions. I started to document then that fell by the wayside as I got into the building of it.

I first built a duct tape seiwng dummy by having my wife and daughter wrap duct tape around my torso. then we cut it up the back and stuffed it. I mounted it and had a good dummy on which to build the costume. The picture below shows a long sleeve shirt (costume inner liner) surrounded by a plastic frame I built out my my kid's K'Nex pieces. Worked better than expected. On this I mounted 1/4" carpet padding foam and then I stuffed poly fil under that. Wrapped the whole thing in nylon and sewed away.

Step 2: Arms & Legs

No pix of creation however the arms were simple nylon sleeves stuffed with polyfil. Getting a round shape for sewing and stuffing proved to be harder than I thought... hats off to sew'ers out there.

FOr the legs I used a pair of sweatpants for the inner liner, added a nylon outer layer and stuffed in between. Feet were slippers wrapped and stuffed.

Step 3: Head & Final

The head creation was inspired by the a person who made a Lego Minifig Costume.

I glued together styrofoam squares, carved out the inside for my head adn then carved it like Stay Puft. I glued carpet padding on it and then covered in nylon. The hat, ribbon and bib were simple sewing projects.

That's it. I hope you liked the costume. Here it is in final form with my wife as a Ghostbuster!. Check out the video on youtube.



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I love this costume!  Great job! 
Costume's are fun to make but I wish they could be reverse enginered!  I was Spongebob and my daughter was Gary one year.  Her costume was so heavy that she couldn't get up the steps to trick or treat....and I was no help because we played music in my costume, I had tiny eye holes, and I could hardly move!  I was basically blind, deaf, dangerous and unable to help my gimpy snail! 
But darn it , we looked cool!....Not as cool as you though, because yours is just awesome! =)

I don't know whether to run away screaming or hug it.


KNEX!!!! Yay!

you could fill the body with air balloons

Heh bit silver for the Puuf man :P But yeah cool suit :)

...how hot was it in that? I mean being sandwiched between nylon and foam... I guess the torso air-space helps, but the legs and arms are probobly direct contact to skin, no.. either way, very nice.

Honestly, the body and arms were not that bad.. it was the styrofoam head that killer... had to lift the front up every couple of minutes.

mod a PC fan to run off of AA batts and vent it in the back?