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For Halloween 2009 my girlfriend and I went as Peter Pan and Tinker Bell. We made our costumes without patterns. For my Tunic I made the shape to resemble one of my Scrub shirts on some green cotton fabric and extended the bottom and sleeves then cut the edges at angles. I used a leather belt I had lying around and the hat was made out of green felt. the pants are just black scrub pants and the soft leather boots were from my Renaissance fair costumes.


NaturalCrafter (author)2011-04-07

A simple but nice costume. Very nice work.

Spaceman Spiff (author)2011-03-18

This is the scariest Peter Pan I've ever seen. I think Peter forgot about the "no" growing up part; either that or Peter had a beard at the age of 12! LOL! Great IBLE!

SWV1787 (author)Spaceman Spiff2011-03-18

Yeah most people thought I was supposed to be Robin Hood Until they saw my girlfriend's costume. but I actually did start shaving at about 12 ~13 years old...

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