Concept and process instructable for my Halloween 2011 Jack-in-the Box Costume!

ALIVE! Induce nightmares in your friends and family by becoming an unnatural toy come to life!
SEE! how I built a box that was harnessed to me and floated almost imperceptibly off the ground!
DAZZLE! at the working box hand-crank, and stretchy accordion middle!

If you'd like to see a short video of how I was actually able to move in this costume, please check this out:

I hope this instructable will be informative and entertaining. Like what you see? Well then please vote for me in the instructables Halloween contest! It'd be much appreciated! :)

Step 1: Concepting

I always, ALWAYS, begin my halloween costume planning with sketches to determine what look I want to achieve. Plus I always find it entertaining to see in which ways I deviate from my initial ideas, and which ways I improve upon my initial ideas. For instance, I originally thought I was going to do the whole eye-mask (I bought one) and ruffled collar thing (i made one) as per the sketches above -- but in the end felt these items didn't look right with the actual costume. Anyway, keep these sketches in mind as we go through the process of building this bad boy and i hope it's as fun for you as it is for me to compare with the finished product :)

In full disclosure, I had the idea for this costume several years ago (2009 perhaps?) and was about ready to set out to make it happen when my fickle-ness got the better of me and i changed my mind to do something else. With that being said, this sketch was made at the beginning of October 2011 and all of the work was done this year for this year's costume (even working through a terrible cold... how's that for devotion!).
Creepy!<br>This is a great idea<br>The makeup on your mouth nicely added to the inanimate look to the costume - was that latex?
thanks! <br><br>for the mouth effect i used this stuff: http://www.mehron.com/Scarring_Liquid_p/204.htm for subtle underlying facial structure, i found it to be a bit less messy and more controllable than liquid latex.
When i first saw this incredible photo, I thought it was Jack White and I was drawn in on the spot. Jack White in a box...Beyond cool! <br>Very original. I really like the sketches and the props in photo too. Great Job!
Thanks for the kind words :) Jack-White-in-the-Box would be an awesome twist to this costume :D good thinking!
That looks amazing! I love the concept drawings from the beginning too!
Thanks so much! The conceptual drawings are always so fun to compare afterwards!
Well done! Creepy and cool.
Thank you! :)

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