Picture of Halloween 2012 - Headless Marie Antoinette
For Halloween this year I wanted to be something super scary. I always go a little too far with costumes, but this one (though it doesn't look it) was incredibly easy, very light and comfortable! I completed the entire costume in a day, and have developed some tricks and tips so that you can make it in a less rushed time and have it turn out even better!

What you will need:

1. Fancy dress (and any extra material or thread you may need for sewing)
2. Industrial foam
3. Mannequin
4. Mould release agent
5. Dowels (wooden or plastic)
6. Duct-tape
7. Small Backpack
8. Fake arms (or simply fill some long gloves with stuffing and sew them to the inside of your sleeves)
9. Paint/paint prushes
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Step 1: Find a Mannequin

Picture of Find a Mannequin
I found this mannequin for 15 dollars on kijiji! Craigslist would also be a great option!

Step 2: Fill the mannequin with industrial foam

Picture of Fill the mannequin with industrial foam
At your local home hardware you can find industrial foam for about six dollars. However, you must go to a craft store and find a mould release agent. I used this one by Castin' Craft.

Spray the inside of the mannequin with the mould release agent until about the waistline, and let it dry.

When the release agent is dry, spray it with industrial foam (ONLY ONE LAYER - I made the mistake of filling the entire mannequin right away and it took an extra long time to dry. Once your layer is dry, keep adding layer by layer until the mannequin is full.

poofrabbit2 years ago
This is awesome! Well done!
channyduff (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thank you so much! :)