Halloween 2013 MTF Reptilia Makeup





Introduction: Halloween 2013 MTF Reptilia Makeup

Watch me transform from male to female reptile "reptilia" as I like to call it. Using 3 liquid latex prosthetics I made at home for under $10 and basic makeup you too can wear this look. Very different and unique look for Halloween or to perform. Hope you guys enjoy this look and I will be working on more looks.



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Thank you, I always use The glue to hide the eyebrows so I can start with a blank canvas. I have hooded eyelids and have to create a new crease with makeup. in this video I used the glue because liquid latex will stick to your hair and not come off so the glue acts as a shield/protector against the latex. Hopefully I answered your questions and did not confuse you...lol, thank you again

My goodness you are talented! Can you explain why the use of the glue? Is it just so the make-up doesn't move with the hairs? You use is in all the videos I've watches so far and I'm simply curious. :)