Step 6: The Controller Software

Picture of The Controller Software
Visual Show Automation is used to choreograph the servo movements with the sound.

First thing is VSA configuration. The Tools/Settings menu brings up a dialog box listing the configurations for all tracks. Change the type to "Parallax Servo" & set the port number. Change the address to match the channel that the servo is plugged into on the Parallax board. You can give a descriptive label to the track, like Eyes, Jaw, etc. Check the baud rate under Port Settings & make sure it's 38400 for the Parallax board.

The +Value, -Value, & Default set the limits of the servo, and the default starting postition.

VSA has a useful tool called "WaveMotion Analysis" that can automatically generate events from the volume of an audio file (This is why we saved each voice in it's own wav file). Load each voice track & generate control events for the appropriate servo.

Afterwards, load the combined audio track.

mdgnys5 years ago
Here is a much better software (free) that works great! http://www.robokits.co.in/downloads/USB16Servo.exe