Introduction: Halloween Bat

Picture of Halloween Bat

I just used some plywood and cut out this bat. I added some halloween lights to the back.

Step 1: My How to Video

Step 2: Cut the Bat Pattern Out

Picture of Cut the Bat Pattern Out

-Print out your pattern.

-Apply double sided tape to pattern.

-Put pattern on plywood.

-Cut pattern with jig saw or band saw

-Drill holes for the Lights

-Cut and glue on blocks to wrap lights and add space from wall.

- Paint back white and front black.

Step 3: The Lights!

Picture of The Lights!

- Insert 120v neon red lamps for eyes

-Wrap your led color changing lights on the back

-Cut plug off for lights and an extension cord.

-Solder eyes and lights to an extension cord

*** If you are not comfortable with electrical wiring you could just use the last two bulbs on led lights for the eyes!

Step 4: Lights Change From Orange to Purple

Picture of Lights Change From Orange to Purple

Step 5: All Done!

Picture of All Done!

Links to all the lights and the Bat pattern I used can be found in the description on my VIDEO


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-31

Nice wall art.

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