Step 3: Drip wax on the candles

Hold the candles as firmly as you can by the wick, so that the candle itself is hanging from your fingers.

Use the spoon to scoop up a very small amount of the melted wax from the pot.  Gently tip the spoon onto the candle where the wick meets the candle body.  Try to let only one drip of wax at a time leave the spoon.  (Note: I did a practice candle first to get the hang of how the wax would drip off the spoon and down the candle--I would highly recommend this.  I'll use the ugly practice candle for another project the needs melted wax.)

Hold the candle aloft for a few seconds while the hot wax dries to the candle.  If you set it down while it's still molten you'll have a mess.