A bunch of pics of the halloween card Eric and the gang sent out..'er maybe Robot sent them out..who knows, anyway its pretty cool..It even had a little surprise, two stickers..wasnt exprecting that, but i have no clue what to do with them..ill prolly stick one on my binder and another somewhere special, who knows..
Thanks Eric and gang!!

Ps. there is some sort of mystery somewhere on the interwebs...i think i found it, if anyone else knows PM me
Thank You Very Much for the Halloween Card and Stickers !! <br>Got one on my Asus U32U Laptop. <br>I am trying to find the best spot for the Second one.
i got the same one<br />
awh... I&nbsp;got my card, but no stickers...<br />
aww, really? that sucks..i wonder if its based on website usage or something..how long have you been a member?&nbsp;
Since March 7th, 2007. I&nbsp;have a few instructables up and even a featured one.<br />
huh, thats silly.. i havent had any of mine featured..very peculliar
;D<br />
;D &nbsp;

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