After being the shame of our street last year in terms of Halloween decorations, we vowed to accomplish three things this year: 
1. Start early!  
2. Be thrifty but awesome! 
3. Out-do the decorations bought from big box stores!

We had some great materials in our garage from other projects, and a weekend to devote, so we built some PVC-based cemetery fences!

Step 1: Materials Needed

**We based the materials we needed from the amount of PVC we had on hand (ten 9-foot pieces) and the best way to cut them and arrange in our yard.  You should add or subtract materials if your design is different than ours**

MATERIALS NEEDED : Amounts we used in parentheses
1/2 Inch PVC pipe (ten 9-foot sections)
1"x2"x8' wood (5 pieces)
1.5" deck screws (40)
Black spray paint (3 cans- we used a Hammered Black textured one)
Drop cloth for painting on
1' rebar sections (we got two per fence section)
Masking tape

Saw for cutting PVC and wood
7/8 Hole-drill bit
Screw bit
Safety goggles
Spray Paint trigger handle

TIME NEEDED: About a weekend

PEOPLE NEEDED : We are two adults, but this project could be done by one, or an adult with children helpers.  As always, please supervise your kids and teach them the safest way to DIY!  

ADDITIONAL: Needed for adding plastic finials, see step 9
Heat Gun

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