Step 7: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
Design your fence : this was a fun part- trying to decide how to arrange the pipes (small on the outside and tall in the middle?  tall outside and small middle?  Alternating heights?) and how far up the pipes to put the wooden bars.  We settled on six inches from the ground, and six inches from the top of the shortest pole.  Also we put the tallest pipes in the middle.  Play with your pieces to see what you like.  

Drill pilot holes through the wood and PVC on the bottom wood : After you measure the bottom wood and have it where you want it, drill pilot holes strait through the wood into the PVC for all poles.  Then carefully put deck screws into the holes and tighten.   This will become the backside of the fence.

Drill pilot holes in the top wooden rung : Put the top wood where you'd like it and drill holes.  We only put in 2 screws on this top piece (one at each end) because the bottom part really holds it together already.