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This year, I wanted to build a cemetery fence for my home. It is my first Halloween here out of an apartment and it is time to put my haunted house experience to work. I looked through this site and saw, to my surprise, there was not a good instructable on how to create a cemetery fence. There is one on a simple graveyard fence out of trelis but I wanted the wrought iron look.

Well, this is my first Instructable. I hope it helps you create a slightly more enjoyable Halloween.

Through research, I found all kinds of wrought iron fences which would do the trick. Now not being able to afford an iron fence, and with the neighborhood restrictions in place, I had to go about making a temporary fence for just the month of Halloween, which was what I wanted to do in the first place.

The most common types of fences for Halloween home haunts are pvc, lath boards, old pallets, trelis sections, cheap wooden fencing torn apart and rebuilt, or garden stakes (which is just silly).

I chose to build and create an Instructable on the PVC style of fence using 2x2s as rails.

After researching the style of fence you want, or if you decide to keep with the design here, follow the next steps and learn from a few of my mistakes.

Step 1: Step one on the intro page makes the intro too long

Picture of Step one on the intro page makes the intro too long
So here is a short and sweet step.

Happy Halloween  (Me and the wife last year)
markmeadct9 months ago

great instructions. A couple things I did. I used 5/8 dowels to connect the 5/8 finials. I used great stuff foam insulation in the 2 inch tube to stabilize it .Thanks for the great idea.

Haunted Spider (author)  markmeadct9 months ago

Glad it worked out for you. Good luck using it for years to come. This is my 5th year and it is still going strong.

Thanks for your instructable Haunted Spider. My son and I completed our Cemetery Fence this weekend. The only thing we did different was to use 3/8" rebar to support the fence ( 1 piece of rebar in each of the long posts, so two per section). Your instructions were spot on. Here's a picture of our completed work.

Thanks again,
Flying Conch
Cemetery Fence Old Salem Way.JPG
Haunted Spider (author)  Flying Conch1 year ago
The fence looks great. I like the aged rust look. What technique did you end up using for that? I never found one I really liked so I left it black.
We used a can of rust colored primer in a spray can. Started light and continued to add. This afternoon, I'm headed down to the canal to get some Spanish Moss.
blacketier1 year ago
Wonderful fence. I built it 2 years ago from your directions and its still going strong. It's seems to get better with age and gets the rustic look. I can't wait to put it up his year.
Haunted Spider (author)  blacketier1 year ago
Glad it is still working out for you. This will be my 4th year putting up the fence and it still works great for me as well. I have actually added some LED lamps to a few of the posts leading to my drive and sidewalk. But otherwise it is unchanged and still holding. Good luck with the set up this year.
trrydms3 years ago
Holy Crap.
Beyond awesome. This is on my list of things to do in my life when I can quit being so lazy. (and I have a place to store the thing). Thanks a ton for posting this and all the great tips. (I found this looking for PVC painting tips.
VulcanRider3 years ago
Awesome instructable! With all the detail provided, I was able to make my own fence (which turned out as good as I'd hoped it would). Your helpful tips were appreciated and definitely made things easier for me - thanks!!
kcli4 years ago
I am quite impressed by the level of detail and information you provided. Thank you for taking the time to explain your successes (and possible failures). All the best in the contest!
Haunted Spider (author)  kcli4 years ago
Thanks, I tried to explain the project as best I could. I found that searching online, I only ever got pieces of information on how to create a fence. No one showed the steps or why you need to do something a certain way. Hopefully this will give people a better understanding on how to go from start to finish.
Kozz4 years ago
Nice work! That's dedication. Your use of multiple jigs really must have tremendously sped up the process (which was still quite long, I'm sure!).

Absolutely, you must add this to the Halloween contest. Once you've done so, I'll cast my vote.
Haunted Spider (author)  Kozz4 years ago
Thanks for the compliment. It did take a while to make but not too long over all. If I had good weather, the whole thing could be done in about 2 weeks. You have to let paint dry and you just get too burnt out working hours on end. With a volunteer crew of 4 or 5, it would go fast.